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Anderson Silva Goes Nuts, Vows To Break 'Criminal' Chael Sonnen's Teeth At UFC 148

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Bitter rivalries are nothing new in the UFC.

Whether it's Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell and Tito, or Rashad Evans and Jon Jones, rivalries and feuds are a part of the game as much as fighting itself. However, perhaps the biggest feud in mixed martial arts (MMA) history would have to go to none other than UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and arch-nemesis Chael Sonnen.

The two have been engaged in a heated rivalry that dates back years, even before their first encounter at UFC 117 in 2010. That night (Aug. 7) after previous months of back-and-forth banter between the two, Silva pulled off one of the most impressive come-from-behind victories in recent memory, submitting Chael in the final minutes of the fight after being dominated for the previous four-and-a-half rounds.

Previously, it had been the "American Gangster" that had been doing all the talking with his classic one-liners and pro wrestling style promos that have entertained fans (and irritated an entire country in the process) by taking shots and "The Spider's" homeland of Brazil. Not to stop there, Sonnen has even gone as far as taking digs at Silva's wife.

Some may think it's hilarious while others feel it's just flat-out crossing the line. Silva, for the most part, has been calm, cool and collected, unwilling to retaliate with verbal jabs of his own, preferring to let his fists do the talking.

No more.

During today's UFC 148 conference call (here), Anderson strayed form his usual "nice guy" form and unleashed a barrage of comments Sonnen's way that caused UFC President Dana White to say, "I have never heard Anderson talk like this before."

After the jump, see what "The Spider" had to say about what Sonnen can expect come July 7, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a way you’ve never seen or heard before:

"Chael is a criminal, he is a criminal. He has been convicted of crimes and he doesn't deserve to be inside the Octagon. When the time is right, I am going to break his face and every one of his teeth in his mouth. Playtime is over, the jokes are over. I am going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He is never going to want to fight again after I am done with him. It doesn't matter if I am on bottom, side or top. Chael is going to get his ass kicked like never before. What I do inside the Octagon is going to change the image of the sport. I am going to make sure his legs are broke and arms are broke he will not be able to walk out by himself. I know he is listening; no more shit talking, it is on now. I'm going to make him pay and make him eat everything he said about myself and my country. I'm going to make sure he does not disrespect any other fighter. I'm going to beat him like his parents should have beat him to have manners. He can say whatever he wants, but I am not playing anymore. It will be the same like the first fight. He walked out the loser and this time he is going to walk out the loser. The only difference is that this time he is going to have to visit a plastic surgeon after the fight."

Now those, as they say, are fighting words.

Ironically, Chael kept it short and to the point in his retaliation:

"I got two words for him. He says he's gonna break my face in? I got two words for him. Medium rare."

An obvious reminder of Sonnen's words about Silva's wife.

The line in the sand has been drawn and according to Silva, the time for talking and joking is over. If his actions do indeed speak louder than his words come Fourth of July weekend, Sonnen just may be in for a very rude awakening.

How about it Maniacs, are you surprised and/or impressed by the fact the usually "quiet and polite" Silva decided to vent out his frustrations and anger towards Sonnen via "trash talk?" Does this signal bad news for the rabble-rousing Republican when the two collide in "Sin City?"

Sound off!

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