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UFC on FX 4 results: Dana White calls out Clay Guida for 'goofy' strategy in Gray Maynard fight

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is nothing if not honest.

That's why it was no real surprise to see him on Twitter last night (Fri., June 22, 2012) blasting the UFC on FX 4 main event bout between Gray Maynard and Clay Guida. The Octagon boss said the fight was put together with the idea that it couldn't possibly be bad.

Turns out, the powers that be were wrong.

There are many reasons for that but perhaps none more so than the strategy employed by Guida, the energetic striker who got on his bicycle and rode all the way through five rounds and 25 minutes of little to no offense.

Naturally, this was the biggest source of contention for White, who also took a not so subtle shot at Guida's trainer, Greg Jackson, in the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show:

"I am not a trainer or a corner man for anybody, but after being around I know you don't want to fight by running. And I saw a lot of Guida fans on Twitter saying, great footwork. But, this guy is one of those guys who is always in your face, aggressive, and wears you out or goes out on a shield. He [Guida] is one of those guys. But, some goof put it in his head that running around in circles would win him the fight and he lost. I don't know how they rated that fight? It was clearly a blowout by Maynard."

One need only look at the Fight Metric report to see how little offense Guida offered throughout the fight. He was running so much, in fact, that referee Dan Miragliotta gave him a warning in round five.

White wasn't happy about that either. He thought the warning should have come sooner.

"They are supposed to do it. A couple of the refs in Vegas let the fight go five rounds without saying anything. But, they are supposed to do it. If you are not advancing your position, you are supposed to be stood up. I think this is the best commission in the county. They stood guys up when they needed to. I wish they would have done it in the second round, but they didn't. It's called timidity."

Can you imagine how much worse White's demeanor would have been had the judges awarded the split decision to Guida instead of Maynard?

Talk about nuclear.

Instead, the judges got it right and yet another event is in the books. It may not have been the return to Atlantic City White and company were hoping for but they can't all be winners, right?

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