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History in the Making: Erick Silva debuts for the UFC in front of his countrymen and scores a knockout

Photo via Esther Lin for <a href="">SBNation</a>
Photo via Esther Lin for SBNation

After 13 years and over 10 times as many events, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) finally returned to Brazil, the birthplace of the sport.

UFC 134 was the first event the company held in the country since 1998. Back then, the main event was Frank Shamrock defending his middleweight championship against John Lober. Last year, Anderson Silva was defending his title against Yushin Okami; from one all-time great to another.

The entire card was stacked from top to bottom with Brazilians, with at least one countryman taking part in each and every fight. Three bouts on the undercard featured two fellow Brazilians taking each other on for pride and country.

One such fight featured debuting welterweights Erick Silva and Luis Ramos taking each other on in what can arguably be called the biggest mixed martial arts (MMA) show in the South American country's history.

Silva will take on Charlie Brenneman this Friday (June 8) in the co-main event of UFC on FX 3: "Johnson vs. McCall" in an intriguing match-up between up and coming welterweights.

Before they collide inside the Octagon, let's take a look at Silva's debut from last year's Brazilian event. It was a fight which took "Indio" only 40 seconds to win, less time than it takes to tie your shoes.

Let's dive right in.

They touch gloves and circle around the Octagon.

Silva swings with a huge haymaker which misses its mark and tries to follow it up with a takedown. Ramos shrugs it off and begins to open up with his own strikes. This forces "Indio" to backpedal to avoid any damage.

Ramos eases the pressure momentarily before throwing a lightning fast kick. It lands on his opponent's leg with a thud but the young Silva doesn't miss a beat.

The two welterweights stand in front of each other, each trying to find the perfect opportunity to strike. Ramos throws another leg kick, this time to the inside. This causes Silva to retreat as it likely threw his positioning off and he's looking to reset his stance.

Or perhaps he saw something in Ramos striking game he could exploit. Maybe Ramos did something -- a slight movement right or there -- he felt he could take advantage of later on in the fight.

Whatever the reason, it pays off handsomely for young Brazilian.

Seconds later, he throws a left straight and torpedoes a right immediately afterwards which crashes right into Ramos' jaw.

The welterweight drops to the canvas like a ton of bricks and everyone freezes momentarily.

Ramos, eyes glazed over and lying prone on the mat, seems to sit there for an eternity.

Silva, adrenaline pumping and excited, stands over his opponent for what seems like forever.

Even the referee appears to be stuck in time.

Everything finally begins to move again when Silva dives onto Ramos and unleashes some hellacious ground and pound to put the exclamation point on this 40 second bout.

It was stunning and exciting debut for the young Brazilian who next saw action at UFC 142, the third ever event in his home country.

He left the Octagon that night empty handed thanks to a questionable referee call involving blows to the back of his opponent's head.

Can Silva get back into the win column and erase the sting from his last loss?

We'll find out on Friday.

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