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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale results recap: Max Holloway vs Pat Schilling fight review and analysis

Two of the youngest prospects in the UFC fought each other last night (June 1, 2012) in 20 year old Max Holloway and 23 year old Pat Schilling on the main card of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Live Finale in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both Schilling and Holloway had underperformed badly in their UFC debuts, losing in dominant fashion to both Daniel Pineda and Dustin Poirier respectively.

Despite both men having come up short prior, it would be Holloway who would run away with this one in one of the most lopsided decisions of the year.

So what helped Holloway beat Schilling down? And what happens next for both young men?

Follow me after the jump for our Max Holloway vs. Pat Schilling Ultimate Fighter Live Finale post-fight review and analysis.

Holloway possessed an extremely active kickboxing style while Schilling was more of a ground based submission fighter, so it was no surprise whatsoever when Schilling quickly pressed Holloway into the fence and hunted for a takedown early, even briefly putting Holloway on the canvas but he couldn't keep him there.

That would be his undoing.

Standing rather flat-footed and unable to put his opponent on the ground, Schilling turned into a sitting duck and Holloway was more than happy to oblige.

From here on out, Holloway began to tee off on Schilling, throwing huge flurries of strikes, primarily to the head. That was all good and dandy, but it wasn't until he started mixing in body punches that this fight really started getting ugly.

Time and time again, Holloway would back Schilling into the fence, unload some body shots and then back off. It was extremely frustrating to watch, like a cat playing with its food. He just couldn't pull that trigger to get the finish.

Schilling didn't help matters, going something like 0-17 in takedown attempts and every time he'd fail, he'd roll over and flop onto his back, forcing Holloway to back off and make him stand up. The second round was particularly one-sided, pretty much easily being a 10-8 as Holloway was moments away from scoring a stoppage at the end of the frame.

Schilling, to his credit, hung in there and took his beating. He even had enough left in the tank to explode in the final 10 seconds of the fight, throwing heavily despite his face covered in blood and actually backing Holloway up.

It would be too little, too late, however, as Holloway was easily awarded a clean sweep of all three judges' scorecards.

For Pat Schilling, he simply didn't have the skills or talent to hang in the UFC at this point in his career. There's nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of guys out there that would not have performed any better if they had been given a shot either. He needs to work on everything if he ever wants anothe rshot in th epromotion, but hte one thign in particular I'd work on is improving his strength of opposition. His last fihgt before entering the UFC was against an 0-6 fighter. He's better than that and he deserves better.

Schilling is all but certainly gone after a second straight disappointing fight in a row. I'd expect that if he steps up his competition and wins all his fights for hte next two years, then we could one day see him again.

For Max Holloway, this was about as good as he could have done without actually finishing his opponent. It was great to see him mix up his attack, throwing in kicks and then the heavy blows to the body. He had Schilling in all sorts of trouble, but one thing that concerned me was his inability to put him away. Not every one of his opponents is going to be a human punching bag, so that means you have to seize every opportunity to finish a fight that you can. I really hope he can improve on rounding out his game a bit more to where he's not afraid to go into someone's guard and finish the job and I'd like to see him kick it up a notch in terms of finishing instincts.

I'd like to see Holloway step up and take on someone along the lines of Marcus Brimage, Akira Corassani or perhaps Jason Young. The Young fight in particular sounds like it would be a very fun kickboxing battle.

So what did you think, Maniacs?

Were you impressed by the pace and high volume attack of Holloway? Or was there little to be learned in such a one-sided bout? Does this 20 year old have a bright future in the promotion?

Sound off!

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