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Brett Rogers 'not perfect' but ready to 'change and make it right' in Bellator

Brett Rogers will take on Kevin Asplund on June 22, 2012 at Bellator 71. Photo by Esther Lin for Strikeforce.
Brett Rogers will take on Kevin Asplund on June 22, 2012 at Bellator 71. Photo by Esther Lin for Strikeforce.

Once hailed as a legit contender in the heavyweight division, former Strikeforce wrecking ball Brett Rogers has seen better days.

After being released by the San Jose-based promotion on June 30, 2011 following his arrest for third-degree assault of his wife, which was then followed by another arrest for violating terms of his pre-sentencing, Rogers received a second chance at competing when he was signed by Bellator, adding some much needed depth to its 265-pound roster.

In what truly was a tumultuous year for ‘Grim,' which included serving 60 days in jail, Rogers says he's now currently working things out with his wife and is thankful for the second opportunity he's received to compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

From competing against some of the top heavyweights in the world, ending with three straight defeats to a murderer's row of elite fighters including Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem and Josh Barnett, to serving time in jail, Rogers looks to make the best of his second opportunity.

Appearing on today's (June 18, 2012) episode of The MMA Hour, Rogers talks about the legal troubles that caused his Strikeforce release as well as gives insight to his feud with his upcoming opponent:

"A lot of stuff was going down. I was at the end of my contract, I lost my last fight with Barnett , I lost my title fight against Alistair Overeem and there was just a lot of stress in the air. Moving to a new neighborhood. I am originally from the city and now I am out in the suburbs, so there is a definitely a little change in life, there were a lot of things in life that just kind of built up in stress and me and my wife were just listening to everybody and not trying to listen to this person and that. It was just built up frustration that led to a bad evening and push came to shove and I feel bad because I put my hands on my wife, something that I have never ever done, never before. I have never ever allowed myself to get upset at anyone or allowed anyone else get me upset for me to put my hands on them, especially someone like my wife. I love my wife and I feel real bad because the situation happened and I know for a fact that I will never be able to say sorry enough. But as long as I keep trying, things should be better and things are better. We are working it out as far as counseling goes and church goes. Were living it day by day and step by step."

Rogers also assures everyone that his kids were never in any danger and he never laid a hand on them:

"The kids had nothing to do with it. The cops were just doing their job and were just trying to jot down everything. I was trying to calm them down (kids) because they were a little upset because of the language, the language was pretty loud and I was trying to calm them down. They (police) came around a second time, and they were trying to tab on stuff just because of the situation. My kids love me and I love my kids and they understand the situation that happened. Just in case people want to come around and say, 'Did daddy hit you?' No, daddy don't whoop them. I believe in spanking, but I don't believe in beating. I have never have recordings of beating my kids, I just want to get that out there, too. I'm cool and calm and ready to go. I have a lot of great people in my corner, my family is backing me and its all stress free. I just want to get in here and prove to the world and be like, hey, I am not perfect , but at the same time I am always willing to change and I am always willing to change for the right and I know there are a lot of fathers and stepfathers out there that, you know, been in my feet so I want to express my story so that it can prevent further troubles with people and they families and friends and what not. It is really not worth it."

Rogers makes his Bellator debut this Friday night (June 22, 2012) as he takes on Kevin Asplund on the undercard of Bellator 71 from The Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in Chester, West Virginia. Kevin and Brett are former friends who had a falling out due to a fire incident involving Kevin's wife:

"Me and Kevin have no problems, the problem is his wife. We are all friends, and through the midst of my problems they took me in. So I stayed with them for a good month, his family is great. So, the ladies were having a get together, and she is a smoker. They were on my back porch, and she and her friend were smoking. This was the fall so it's kind of dry here. Her and her friend were smoking. So her friend gave us a sincere apology (for smoking). So when it came down to Jodie, it was like 'whatever.' She was like, 'It wasn't me.' So her and my wife were going back and forth on the phone, so I bumped into them a month ago at the Target Center and he approached me and like 'Why are you so pissed off?' He knew why i was so pissed off, but he was trying to keep his cool just in case anyone else was around listening, but he understood that I was pissed off that Jodie (his wife) had torched our porch and they couldn't give me a phone call or come over and knock on the door and be like, 'Hey man, what happened, I'm am so sorry is there anything I could do.' I aint trying to be all ultra sensitive, but at least let me know there was some concern. This is my family's house, there are kids in here."

How's that for some back story leading up to a fight?

Anyone think "Grim" can turn things around inside the cage with his new promotion, much like he has been doing with his personal life?

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