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Tim Sylvia returns to action with 12 second win over Randy Smith in Maine

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Despite constant rejection from Octagon boss Dana White, Tim Sylvia still badly wants back into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) where he once ruled as king of the heavyweight division.

The only way he can set about doing so is to keep crushing cans on the regional circuit.

So that's what "The Maine-iac" is currently in the midst of and last night (Sat., June 16, 2012) saw him pick up yet another (technical) knockout victory. This time it took him just 12 seconds to dispose of Randy Smith in the main event of New England Fights' (NEF) "Fight Night III" at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, Maine.

The win gives Sylvia seven victories in his last eight bouts, six of those coming by way of finish. His record of 31-7 and past history with the UFC would seemingly make him worthy of at least a passing glance, right?

Maybe the powers that be will be nice and throw Daniel Cormier the bone he's apparently hoping for. He does need to satisfy one more Strikeforce fight, after all.

After the jump, watch a grainy video of Sylvia finishing his opponent last night. And feel free to handicap Big Timmay's chances of ever fighting inside the Octagon again.

HT: Middle Easy