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UFC 148 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Silva vs. Sonnen 2' on July 7 in Las Vegas


It's almost time.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has put the finishing touches on the UFC 148 pay-per-view (PPV) fight card scheduled for the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, TONIGHT (Saturday, July 7, 2012).

UFC 148 will feature the most highly anticipated rematch in the history of the world's largest fight promotion, as Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva puts his title on the line one more time against his arch nemesis, Chael Sonnen.

The co-feature of the evening will see Tito Ortiz don the four-ounce gloves one last time before sailing off into the sunset. Before he does so, however, he'll complete his trilogy with Forrest Griffin and finally break the tie. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Sat., July 7, 2012), which is slated to air at 10 p.m. ET on pay-per-view. The latest quick updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that around 7:25 p.m. ET with the "Prelims" bouts on Facebook and FX.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 148) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Silva vs. Sonnen 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 148 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


185 lbs.: UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva def. Chael Sonnen via TKO at 1:55 of round two
205 lbs.: Forrest Griffin def. Tito Ortiz via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Cung Le def. Patrick Cote via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Demian Maia def. Dong Hyun Kim via TKO (injury) at 0:47 of round one
145 lbs.: Chad Mendes def. Cody McKenzie via TKO (body punch and hammer fists) at 0:31 of round one
145 lbs.: Mike Easton def. Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Melvin Guillard def. Fabricio Camoes via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Constantinos Philippou def. Riki Fukuda via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Shane Roller def. John Alessio via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Rafaello Oliveira def. Yoislandy Izquierdo via unanimous decision


(Middleweight Championship out) Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen (185-pound limit):

Round one: Chael shoots in and scores an immediate takedown. Silva wraps him up but Sonnen is punching away, body body head. Sonnen is dropping punches and working to press Silva against the fence. Sonnen passes to half guard and drops palm strikes on Silva's head. Silva has him wrapped up and that seems to be his lone defense for now. Sonnen throws a knee and more short punches but they aren't doing much damage. More knees to the body from Sonnen but he doesn't have much space to work as Silva has him tied up. Big left hand from Sonnen and Silva brings his legs up but Sonnen avoids it. Big punches from above from Sonnen and he throws a few wicked reverse elbows. Sonnen slips his leg through and he's got the mount! Shoulder strikes from Sonnen and Silva is in pure defense mode as time expires. 10-9 Sonnen

Round two: Sonnen pushes forward and presses Silva into the fence immediately. Silva grabs a leg from Sonnen and Sonnen throws a knee. They trade knees and Sonnen drops down for a takedown as Silva desperately tries to fend him off and he does so far. Sonnen keeps pressing forward and Silva throws strikes but Sonnen shoots in for a takedown and can't get it. Spinning back fists from Sonnen misses and Sonnen drops to the canvas. Silva follows him and throws big elbows and Silva attacks Sonnen with ground and pound. Sonnen is in trouble and Silva attacks with punches. Sonnen is hurt! Sonnen is covering up and Silva keeps punching until the referee steps in. Wow!

Final results: Anderson Silva defeats Chael Sonnen via TKO (punches) at 1:55 of round two

- end -

Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz (205-pound limit):

Round one: Forrest is active early with punches and kicks, moving laterally while Ortiz is in the cage center. Ortiz closes the distance and scores a takedown. He drops a big elbow and some punches. Griffin pops back to his feet and immediately goes back to throwing kicks. Ortiz catches him with a left hand and Griffin responds with a lead left of his own. Big left from Griffin and Ortiz connects with a right. Head kick from Ortiz backs Griffin up and both men start brawling. Ortiz shoots in from the outside and Griffin sprawls, avoiding the takedown. Griffin shrugs off another takedown attempt and Ortiz is already slowing down. Right hand for Griffin lands and he throws a big combination. Leg kick and punches from Griffin and Ortiz has no response. Ortiz shoots in and both men scramble for a takedown at the horn. 10-9 Griffin

Round two: Ortiz comes out firing and he catches Griffin with a big right hand. Griffin is wobbly and Tito chases him down looking to land again but Forrest clinches to clear the cobwebs. They separate and Griffin lands a nice right hand. Big leg kick from Griffin and he's back in control. Griffin lands a big right hand and Ortiz has run out of gas. Griffin connects to Ortiz's jaw and gets out of the way before Tito can land a counter. Ortiz's strikes are moving in slow motion now. Griffin nails a 1-2 combination and Tito shoots in for a takedown but Griffin stuffs it and lands big hammer fists until the final horn. 10--9 Griffin

Round three: Griffin opens with a frenetic pace and is throwing a big volume of strikes but again Tito blasts him with a left hand that makes him do a backwards somersault. Tito presses forward and scores a huge takedown. Ortiz drops an elbow and he stifles Griffin's attempt to get back to his feet. Griffin hunts for a Kimura off his back but gives up on it. Tito needs to do something from top position if he wants to put an exclamation on his career. Ortiz tries to pass guard but Griffin pops back to his feet again. Griffin throws a big knee to the body and then a head kick. Griffin opens up with huge strikes and Ortiz is just loading up hoping for a hail mary. Big right hand from Tito just misses. Griffin lands a push kick and Tito respond with a right. 30 seconds left in Ortiz's career. Griffin dances around and both men wing punches until the final horn but nothing significant lands. Screw it, 10-9 Ortiz

Final results: Forrest Griffin defeats Tito Ortiz via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

- end -

Patrick Cote vs. Cung Le (185-pound limit):

Round one: Cote opens with a kick and Le throws him to the ground with his sanshou. Cote scoots back to his feet and Le fires off some head kicks. Le comes up short with a combination of punches and Cote continues to press forward. Le continues to fire off kicks but nothing is really landing significantly. Cote whiffs with a pair of right hands and both men are still in the feeling out process. Nice body kick from Cote and Le responds with a right head kick. Cote shoots in thinking takedown but Le fends it off easily. Big right hand from Le lands to the back of the head but Cote seems fine. Cote wings a body kick and right hand combination which connects. Cote charges in but Le avoids him easily. Both men posture for the final 20 seconds. 10-9 Le

Round two: Both men trade kicks early and Cote is turning up the aggression. Cote lands a big right hand and now both men are bleeding. Cote scores again with the right and he briefly clinches before blasting a short right hand. Spinning kick from Le backs Cote off. Le throws another body kick-right hook combination but Cote blocks most of it. Cote gets inside, pressing forward with big punches and a leg kick. Cote is turning up the action now and Le is running out of room. Cote presses forward now Le is starting to slow down. Nice knee and a right hand from Le and Cote comes in, landing big strikes but he eats a right hand on the way in. They clinch and Le throws a knee and he's got Cote pressed into the cage. Cote circles free and throws body shots and an uppercut but he loses his inside position. Jumping kick from Cote at the end of the round. 10-9 Cote

Round three: Cote gets inside and lands a flurry but Le still fires off a head kick. Nice right hand from Cote on the entrance and Le misses with a takedown attempt. Cote has inside position along the fence and Le throws a knee. Cote responds with a knee and Cote nails Le with a lightning quick spinning back fist before backing off. Le looks slow here and Cote needs to take advantage. Spinning back kick from Le misses and Cote clinches. Le scores a trip takedown but Cote pops back to his feet and he grabs a single leg looking for a takedown of his own but can't score it. Le is the aggressor now and lands a right hand. Another right hand from Le and Cote ducks down with an uppercut and a right hook. Le is bleeding under his left eye and Cote clinches but eats a nice right hand over the top from Le. Big takedown from Le with 45 seconds left and he passes to half guard. Cote retains guard and fires off some elbows but this is a horrible way for Cote to finish the fight. 10-9 Le

Final results: Cung Le defeats Patrick Cote via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

- end -

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Demian Maia (170-pound limit):

Round one: Maia takes the center and immediately shoots in for the takedown. Kim blasts him with elbows and Maia takes his back standing. Maia sinks in a hook but gives up on it. Maia keeps working for the takedown but Kim fends him off for now. Maia scores a takedown and Kim is hurt. He passes to mount, lands a pair of punches and it's over. It looks like Kim is really hurt. Maia thinks Kim hurt himself after landing awkwardly on his head/neck during the takedown.

That was strange.

Final results: Demian Maia defeats Dong Hyun Kim via TKO (injury) at 0:47 of round one

- end -

Chad Mendes vs. Cody McKenzie (145-pound limit):

Round one: Mendes closes the distance and fires off a big knee to the body. He snaps a huge leg kick as well. McKenzie wings a kick and Mendes catches him with a huge right hand to the body and McKenzie goes down. Mendes follows him to the canvas with huge hammer fists and McKenzie is done. The ref steps in and puts a stop to it.

Final results: Chad Mendes defeats Cody McKenzie via TKO (body punch and hammer fists) at 0:31 of round one

- end -

Mike Easton vs. Ivan Menjivar 145-pound limit):

Round one: Easton comes out and takes the center of the cage flashing a lead left hand and Menjivar fires off a front kick. Menjivar wings a huge right hand but it doesn't land. Head kick from Menjivar comes up short. Another big looping strikes from Menjivar is countered by some of Easton's straight strikes. Menjivar eats a low kick but just adjusts his cup and gets back to work. Head kick from Menjivar just misses and Easton fires off a low kick. Head kick from Menjivar is blocked as is a push kick. Head kick from Easton connects and Menjivar staggers back before firing off his own and then landign with a push kick to the chest. Nice head kick from Menjivar but Easton is still stalking. Easton responds with a spinning wheel kick which misses badly but he's still pressing forward. Body kick from Easton and then a combination forces Menjivar to back off. Menjivar feints a spinning back fist and wings another head kick. Superman punch from Easton misses and he finishes the round with a takedown attempt which is stuffed. Menjivar lands an elbow at the end of the round. Not sure how to score that but I guess 10-9 Easton for pressing forward and landing the best strike.

Round two: Big overhand rights from Menjivar early and they trade kicks. Spinning kick from Menjivar just misses. Menjivar is being a little more aggressive here, engaging Easton whenever he steps forward now. Easton is still pressing forward, forcing Menjvar to fight on his heels and the crowd is starting to get restless now at the midway point of the fight. Easton throws a nice body shot and then another. Easton continues to back Menjivar up and throws a flying knee and a leg kick at the end of the round. 10-9 Easton

Round three: Easton continues to press forward and lands a nice leg kick. They collide and trade strikes with a big left hand from Easton. Menjivar tries to respond and gets a takedown stuffed before throwing a big elbow on the inside. Easton again attacks with both an outside and inside leg kick. He's getting more comfortable now. Huge overhand riight whiffs for Easton. Spinning back fist grazes for Menjivar but Easton continues to back him up. Menjivar needs to make something happen here. Menjivar wings another spinning attack and Easton uses it to take him down. Menjivar has a closed guard and he brings his arms up looking for an armbar but gives up on it. Easton drops some punches and Menjivar pops to his feet as they reset. Head kick misses for Easton and Menjivar needs to do something drastic here. Menjivar lands a side kick but he's still getting pushed backwards. Flying knee from Easton but he slips and Menjivar cannot capitalize. Horrible sense of urgency from Menjviar there. 10-9 Easton

Final results: Mike Easton defeats Ivan Menjivar via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

- end -


Fabricio Camoes vs. Melvin Guillard (155-pound limit):

Round one: Guillard comes out swinging and he connects with a nice leg kick but Camoes responds with one of his own. Big overhand right from Guillard lands and then a straight left. Nice left hand from Guillard blasts Camoes in the top of the head but Camoes is unfazed. Nice left counter from Camoes backs Guillard up. Camoes attempts a superman punch and he grabs a leg hunting for a takedown. He tries to put Guillard on his back but Guillard fends him off and circles free, throwing a big kick to the body on the exit. Guillard fends off another clinch attempt. Guillard catches a body kick and unloads a combination against Camoes along the fence. Guillard stuffs another takedown and lands on top of Camoes but backs off before the Brazilian can try something. Now Guillard lifts Camoes up and drops him on the canvas. Guillard passes to half guard and drops big punches from above but Camoes reverses the position and now he's on top with one minute to work. Guillard tries to scramble but gives up full mount and Camoes drops big elbows from above. Guillard turns to his side and pushes Camoes off to escape to his feet. Huge right hand from Guillard catches Camoes on the way in and he drops big elbows until the end of the round. 10-9 Guillard.

Round two: Camoes walks Guillard down early and Guillard fires off right hands to try and back him off. Camoes backs off and Guillard takes initiative, pressing forward with punches although not losing his balance and opening up takedown opportunities. Spinning wheel kick from Camoes misses and he shoots in for a single leg takedown. Guillard rolls through it and escapes but Camoes has him pressed against the fence. Camoes puts Guillard down but he pops right back to his feet. Things have slowed down drastically here as neither man is really getting much offense in. Camoes taunts Guillard and then lands a nice left and right hand before initiating a clinch along the fence. Camoes grabs double underhooks and scores a takedown with one minute remaining. Guillard pops to his feet and Camoes throws a spinning elbow but Guillard tabs him with huge ground and pound elbows and punches until the end of the round. That won him the round on my scorecard. 10-9 Guillard

Round three: Guillard presses forward but neither man scores much offense in the first minute. This is getting ugly in the inactivity department. No one has done anything other than the occasional single strike. Leg kick from Camoes and Guillard backs him off with a left hand. Front kick from Camoes whiffs and then a head kick. Guillard wings a left hand but Camoes drops down for an ankle but can't score the takedown. Camoes drops down for a leg lock with 20 seconds remaining but Guillard grabs one of his arms to fend it off. What an awful, awful fight. 10-9 Guillard.

Final results: Melvin Guillard defeats Fabricio Camoes via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

- end -

Habib Nurmagomedov vs. Gleison Tibau (155-pound limit):

Round one: Tibau takes control of the center and Nurmagomedov tries to wing some right hand sat him. Right hand lands for the Russian but Tibau responds with a nice short right of his own. Both men trade big looping strikes and Nurmagomedov is being forced to fight defensively here a bit. Nurmagomedov shoots in for a takedown but gets stuffed early. He grabs a single leg but gives it up and Tibau fends him off in the clinch here. Nurmagomedov wings big strikes and attempts another takedown but Tibau fires off a huge knee but he's pressed against the fence. The referee separates them and Nurmagomedov wings wild strikes. Right hand from Nurmagomedov lands and Tibau responds with a hook. Nurmagomedov again attempts a takedown and he's got a single leg but Tibau is fending him off. Trip attempt from Nurmagomedov fails as the horn sounds. I'm going 10-9 Nurmagomedov for superior aggression

Round two: Tibau looking tentative early and both men stare at each other for the first minute. Big kick from Tibau is blocked and he cracks Nurmagomedov with a nice left hand. Tibau shoots in sluggishly but can't score a takedown. Now Nurmagomedov shoots in and is hunting for another takedown. He grabs another single leg but Tibau is defending well against the fence. Nice knee from Tibau in response and he separates. Nurmagomedov fires off an inside leg kick and finally Tibau shoots in and scores a takedown but he can't keep Nurmagomedov on the canvas. Nurmagomedov pops to his feet and eats a huge shot from Tibau and then shoots in for another takedown. Tibau again fends him off and Nurmagomedov lands a nice pair of strikes on the inside. They get separated and Tibau knocks Nurmagomedov off balance briefly but can't capitalize. Tibau lands a nice left hand and wings a huge hook but whiffs. Nurmagomedov throws a flying knee and a right hand at the end of the round. 10-9 Tibau

Round three: Tibau opens a big stronger here, firing off punches but he comes up short with nearly everything. Nurmagomedov snaps off an inside leg kick and goes right back to hunting for the takedown against Tibau. This has to be his 12th failed takedown attempt. Tibau throws some knees and Nurmagomedov lands a right hand. Tibau shoots in and scores a takedown of his own. He takes Nurmagomedov's back standing but lets the Russian spin free and Nurmagomedov goes right the takedown attempt along the cage. Nurmagomedov backs off and Tibau wings off a big combination that comes up short. Tibau is really trying to land a big left hand here at the end. Nice right hands from Tibau catches Nurmagomedov on the way in. Nurmagomedov clips Tibau with a right hand but doesn't follow up. Tibau fakes a shot but gives up on it mid way. Nurmagomedov wades in with punches and both men trade until the final bell. 10-9 Tibau

Final results: Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Gleison Tibau via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

- end -

Riki Fukuda vs. Constantinos Philippou (185-pound limit):

Round one: Neither man engages in the first minute as both men feint, juke and jive early. Fukuda tries to land a lead left and now the boo birds are coming out. Fukuda shoots in quickly and has Philippou nearly down along the fence and he drops some left hands on the boxer. Philippou pops back to his feet and throws a short knee in the clinch but Philippou pushes him off. Fukuda closes the distance but backs off and Philippou returns fire with a nice left hand. Head kick from Philippou and Fukuda has some swelling on the left side of his face. Fukuda finds some success with short leg kicks but Philippou backs him off with punches before the horn. Not much went on but I'll lean Philippou 10-9

Round two: Philippou opens with a nice left to the body and then threatens a takedown of his own before backing off. Fukuda looks like he's not sure what to do here. Nice right hand from Philippou and Fukuda shoots in for a takedown, grabbing a single leg but Philippou fends him off. Big staring contest here and finally Philippou opens up with a nice right hand. Philippou stuffs a takedown from Fukuda with ease and now Fukuda throws big leg and body kicks from a distance. That's his only strike he's finding success with. Fukuda tries to throw a left hand but he eats a left counter from Philippou. Nice combination from Philippou again. Fukuda attempts a takeodwn but again gets denied. Nice straight left from Fukuda and he throws an inside leg kick but Philippou counters with a right hand. Philippou is getting his timing down on countering that leg kick with his right hand nicely. Philippou throws a big series of strikes at the end of the round and they're unanswered. 10-9 Philippou

Round three: Fukuda comes out more aggressively with his striking, looking to land a big lead left hook but Philippou responds with a left of his own. Fukuda attempts a takedown hard but can't get it although he landed some nice left hands to the body at the time. Philippou throws a combination and then ducks out of the way. Right hand from Philippou is ducked by Fukuda but Philippou again completely stops the takedown in its tracks. Philippou is playing defensively now, circling on the outside feeling he's got the fight in the bag. Huge body kick from Fukuda and he pokes Philippou badly in the eye. Philippou is in some serious pain. They might put a stop to this. Wow, Philippou is going to continue. They reset and Philippou is fired up. He taunts Fukuda and starts throwing punches really aggressively. Fukuda doesn't like it and clinches. They separate and Philippou's eye is still bothered but he's attacking regardless. Nice head movement from Philippou as he's displayed this whole fight and he finishes strong with some nice strikes. 10-9 Philippou

Final results: Constantinos Philippou defeats Riki Fukuda via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

- end -

John Alessio vs. Shane Roller (170-pound limit):

Round one: Alessio and Roller trade left hands early and Roller looks a bit awkward trying to find an opening. Alessio comes up just short with a flurry but Roller responds with a pair of big left hooks after faking a takedown and he cracks Alessio right on the chin. Alessio presses forward but his shots are blocked. Low kick from Roller nails Alessio below the belt and we'll take a break. They reset and Roller whiffs on his first big takedown attempt. Nice left jab from Alessio and Roller responds with a big overhand right. Nice left hook from Alessio and he initiates a clinch, throwing short strikes to the body. Alessio goes right back to work with punches and a knee and they separate. Both men trade big strike and Alessio hurts Roller in the final 15 seconds landing on top of him before the horn sounds. 10-9 Alessio

Round two: Leg kick from Roller gets things started and then another. Alessio presses forward and clinches but Roller drops down for a guillotine. He might have it and Alessio rolls free of danger. Alessio is free but Roller is now in control as he hunts for a takedown. Roller connects his hands, lifts Alessio over his head and dumps him on the ground into his closed guard. Roller throws a knee to the body and passes to half guard. Roller is in his corner, listening to all the advice from his team. Big elbows from Roller and he's trying to pass. Alessio gives up his back and Roller gets a hook in but the cage is preventing the other hook. They're in a bit of a stalemate here but now Roller has both hooks in. He's got a full minute to work and Alessio is in trouble. Alessio tries to give up the mount but Roller isn't letting him. Big elbows from top by Roller and now some punches. Alessio sits up and Roller runs out of time. 10-9 Roller

Round three: Alessio lands with an uppercut early and Roller is stunned. Big combination from Alessio backs Roller into the fence and Roller might be in trouble. Roller recovers and Alessio backs off. Roller dives in with a huge overhand right to close the distance and shoots for a takedown. Alession attempts a guillotine but he gets dumped on his back again. This is exactly where he didn't want to be. Alessio cagewalks his way back to his feet but Roller still has him against the fence and is working hard to take him down again. Roller has a back body lock and lifts Alessio up before dumping him on the ground again. Roller gets a hook in and he's glued to Alessio's back now. Alessio talks to Roller trying to goad him into making a mistake but Roller just drops big punches from behind. Roller attempts a rear naked choke but Alessio escapes. Now Roller has a body triangle. Alessio sweeps and tries to explode with punches at the horn but Roller throws big upkicks as well and it's not nearly enough. 10-9 Roller

Final results: Shane Roller defeats John Alessio via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

- end -

Hemmi here!

Rafaello Oliveira vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo (155-pound limit):

Round one: Izquierdo opens strong with a big hook and then a pair of kicks. Oliveira tries to respond but he's not landing anything significant. Takedown attempt from Oliveira is stuffed. Another takedown attempt from Oliveira and he puts
Izquierdo on his back. Oliveira is looking strong here on the ground. Oliveira passes to side control and drops some hammer fists. He attempts an Americana but Izquierdo escapes and after a guard pass attempt. Oliveira attempts to pass to mount and Izquierdo pops to his feet. Izquierdo is very aggressive here trying to win back the round and he rolls through a takedown attempt from Oliveira and explodes to his feet. Flying knee from Izquierdo and a nice straight left. He's dominating on the feet as bad as Oliveira was dominating on the ground. 10-10

Round two: Izquierdo catches Oliveira with another nice left hand and then another. He's really looking good on the feet. Head kick from Oliveira misses and Izquierdo leaps forward with a huge knee. Straight left from Izquierdo and this time Oliveira ducks under it and puts him on his back. Punches to the body from Oliveira and he's got four minutes to work. Oliveira passes to side control, but he's also got a cut on his forehead that's bleeding all over Izquierdo. Izquierdo attempts a triangle from bottom but Oliveira escapes and is back in side control. Oliveira attempts another Americana and can't secure it but he's dominating here positionally on the ground. He's really hunting for that arm and the ref separates them to check on Oliveira's cut. They resume in the same position and it's more of the same. Another American attempt from Oliveira and Izquierdo escapes again. This time Oliveira just starts punching Izquierdo from side control. 10-9 Oliveira

Round three: Izquierdo tentatively taps gloves and grabs control of the cage center. Izquierdo looks tentative to get things started. He doesn't want to get put on his back again. Let kick from Izquierdo connects and then another. Left hand from Izquierdo and then a big knee but Oliveira changes levels and dumps him on his back into Izquierdo's full guard. Oliveira has Izquierdo stacked up and then he passes to side control. He's working the arm again from top and Izquierdo uses the exact same escape. Izquierdo pushes him off but Oliveira dives forward and puts him right back on the ground. Oliveira passes again to side control and now north-south. He's back to side control and it looks like he's going to ride this out until the end of the fight. Oliveira gains a mounted crucifix and drops some elbows but Izquierdo squirms out of the position and Oliveira is back to side control. 30 seconds left and this is just about over. Oliveira rides out the round. 10-9 Oliveira

Final results: Rafaello Oliveira defeats Yoislandy Izquierdo via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

- end -

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