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UFC Quick Quote: BJ Penn planning on testing Rory MacDonald's cardio

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"He's still untested. I think everything they are saying is true. He's very good. I think he comes from a very good team. He's got a lot of very good people. They are going to have him ready. They are going to have him prepared but yes - like you said this is going to be a big fight this isn't a small fight so there is going to be a lot on the line. All those different stressers and all those different things is definitely going to play into the cardiovascular system. ... Without giving away too much, I definitely want to be the aggressor."

-- Could it really be? Is B.J. Penn, of all people, really planning on testing Rory MacDonald's cardiovascular conditioning? Indeed he is, as he tells Just Scrap Radio he plans on being the aggressor when the two meet up in the co-main event of UFC 152 on Sat., Sept. 22, 2012, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This despite "The Prodigy" admitting the Canadian wunderkind has risen to fame with a "bulldozer" style that has served him quite well. How will things look when the Hawaiian turns the tables and blitzes the young, up-and-coming welterweight star? MacDonald believes he'll be top five in the division if he can emerge victorious and it sounds like he'll have his work cut out for him. Anyone think we'll see the B.J. Penn of old and "Ares" will get a lesson in legendary? Or has Penn's time passed him by?

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