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The Best Father's Day Gift Guide 2012 For UFC/MMA Fans Only

"There ain't no running and hiding -- let's get it on!"

As if I needed more reason to admire Snoop Dogg, the the insanely successful rapper, record producer and reefer ambassador, he goes and cuts a video promo talking about his respect for the Gracie family and the impact it has had on modern-day mixed martial arts (MMA).

You can watch that clip in the extended entry, which also features Mike Tyson and Urijah Faber, among others.

What's all the fuss about? Well, the Gracie's are kind of a big deal. Always. And our good friends at Roots of Fight have decided to honor the legendary clan and its patriarch, Helio -- MMA's version of "The Godfather" Vito Corleone -- with a signature t-shirt series.

Even better, for you Maniacs, anyway, is that the company is offering a 15 percent off sale on all Roots of Fight products until June 17, 2012, to celebrate Father's Day 2012. All you have to do is visit, load up your shopping cart with perhaps the finest threads in the industry and enter coupon code: FD2012JB.

Thank us later.

But, that's not all, not even close. We decided to reach out to several other companies that have been good to us in the past, participating in selfless fan give-a-ways, promotions and contests right here at, and pick their brains about other potential Father's Day gift ideas.

Even if you're not a daddy, but plan to be one day -- or at least give it the 'ole college try -- it's well worth rewarding with the gear these companies are putting out lately. Sooner the better with Daddy Day right around the corner (Sunday).

Check out their suggestions below in our latest edition of, "The Best Father's Day Gift Guide For UFC/MMA Fans Only." Oh, yeah, there's that Snoop Dogg video, too.


Product: Black House X Roots of Fight
Price: $35
Description: Originally founded in Rio De Janeiro in 2006, Black House was moved to Los Angeles, Calif., in 2008 to serve as a training facility for living legends such as reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and former UFC heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, as well as rising prospects in the world of MMA. Every man who crosses the threshold are either under the management of co-founder Ed Soares or invited by a member of the Black House fight team. In a nod to that sense of exclusivity, Roots of Fight announces the release of a limited edition Black House T-shirt.


Product: Round 5 Ultimate Collector Series 9
Price: $14.99
Description: The "Ultimate Collector" Series 9 is headlined by a limited edition debut of UFC and Pride great Don "The Predator" Frye, featuring his iconic mustache and American flag shorts. Series 9 also marks the first Round 5 appearance by welterweight fan-favorite Nick Diaz. In addition to Nick Diaz, Series 9 features the debuts of newly crowned UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson, The Ultimate Fighter alumnus Chris Leben, and Jason Miller. Rounding out Series 9 is an updated Championship Edition of Cain Velasquez, paying tribute to his victory over Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 to claim the UFC Heavyweight title.


Product: "Pride Never Die" T-Shirt
Price: $34.99
Description: While the sport of mixed martial arts was forced underground in North America, PRIDE Fighting Championships flourished in Japan. During its brief 10-year lifespan, PRIDE FC served as the arena of choice for the world's elite fighters. Crowds of 40,000 or more packed the Tokyo Dome and Saitama Super Arena to watch fighters like Kazushi Sakuraba, Wanderlei Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fedor Emelianenko cement their legacies. Perhaps the greatest legacy of PRIDE comes in the form of their two open-weight tournaments. Tailor-made to determine the greatest living mixed martial artist, the PRIDE Grand Prix 2000 started with 16 fighters and ended with Mark Coleman forcing Igor Vovchanchyn to tap from knee strikes. PRIDE promoted its last live card in 2007, but any diehard MMA fan will tell you, "PRIDE never die." Made under official license from Zuffa LLC.


Product: Korean Zombie X by TrauMMA Combat
Price: $29.99
Description: The cult-like following of top UFC Featherweight contender, Chan Sung Jung, endures with the latest addition to the iconic "Korean Zombie" collection of T's by TrauMMA Combat apparel. This T debuted at the Korean Zombie's last fight with Dustin Poirier and has been flying off the shelves ever since. TrauMMA has just printed a new batch in time for Father's Day, get one while you can.


Product: "Fightville"
Price: $6.99 (rental)
Description: Available on iTunes. Starring Dustin Poirier, Tim Credeur. FIGHTVILLE is about the art and sport of fighting: a microcosm of life, a physical manifestation of that other brutal contest called the American Dream, where men are not born, but built through self determination, hard work and faith. It may be a myth, but in FIGHTVILLE, that's what champions are made of.


Product: The Grand Master Helio Gracie T
Price: $35
Description: Roots of Fight has produced a limited edition men's "Helio ICON T," paying respect to the Gracie Family patriarch. The iconic image of the father of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu authentically reproduced on a super soft, vintage tri-blend T.


In addition, Roots of Fight today announced the release of their latest short film tribute and clothing collection paying homage to the Gracie family and the role Gracie jiu-jitsu played in shaping the sport of mixed martial arts. The distinguished contributors to Gracie Family Influence illustrate how the reputation of the legendary clan of Brazilian ground fighters stretched far beyond the boundaries of mixed martial arts and into the mainstream. MMA cognoscenti such as Urijah Faber, Ed Soares, and Eddie Bravo share their thoughts on the Gracie family, alongside sports and pop culture luminary "Iron" Mike Tyson and multi-platinum recording artist Snoop Dogg. Check it out below:

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