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Chael Sonnen says he could beat Anderson Silva in a jiu-jitsu match (video)

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sonnen pw
sonnen pw

Never one to mince words, Chael Sonnen is stepping up his game as his title rematch against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva draws close.

Sonnen will be taking on "The Spider" in just three and a half weeks (July 7, 2012) in the main event of UFC 148 and he's saying now that no matter what type of fight it is against Silva, he'll find a way to win.

"Make it a boxing match. I'll find a way to win. Make it a kickboxing match. I'll find a way to win. I'm not gonna play a dance-off with him, but if he wants to make it a combative mansport, I'll do it. Make it a jiu-jitsu match, make it a wrestling match, make it an MMA fight. It doesn't matter. He doesn't have anything that I, as an athlete, won't conquer. I'm a competitor. I will find a way to win, like I always do. "

Bold words from a bold man.

There's plenty more where that came from with the video after the jump:

Sonnen was forced to tap out the last time he faced the Brazilian after dominating the first four and a half rounds with his wrestling and even some of his striking.

The Republican ex-realtor actually used some submissions of his own, though, tapping out Brian Stann with an arm triangle in late 2011 to get back into the title hunt.

Do you think he'd actually have a chance in a submission battle against Silva this time?