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UFC walkout music fan vote marks 'the most successful branded Spotify campaign to date'


Gunter glieben glauchen globen!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) got mixed martial arts (MMA) fans involved in The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Live Finale earlier this month by asking them to select the walkout music, powered by Spotify, for the fighters competing at the June 1 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Turns out the promotion's Spotify tie-in (via marked the music service's most successful campaign to date.

No other contest even comes close to matching the UFC's results - according to Spotify representatives this week, the UFC promotion attracted about four time as many votes as any previous campaign on the platform. (Both UFC and Spotify declined to specify how many votes that totaled.)

For the (TUF) season finale ... combatants picked two potential songs for the "walkout" music that plays when they enter the ring. Fans were able to listen to the two songs on Spotify, then vote for their selection via the UFC's Facebook page, which has more than 8.7 million likes.

Music to their ears.

The best UFC walkout music is a hotly-contested debate. So, let's debate. Who has the best walkout music in the UFC? Watching Stephan Bonnar strut out to Eminence Front before fighting Jon Jones at UFC 94 (live) is probably my pick, but I'm old and I like The Who.

Your turn.

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