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Video: Ronda Rousey tells Sarah Kaufman to 'keep running sprints' because they'll 'probably help her the most'

"She's like 'Oh, I already had a practice and ran sprints this morning. Ronda, enjoy that belt while you can.' So I was like alright, cool, you wanna play Twitter, bitch? I'm good at this game, I just got a creativity award. put out Miesha talking about how everything on earth was torn off in her elbow and somebody put with that, 'Don't F- with Ronda Rousey!' So I linked to that and put under it, 'Keep running sprints, that's probably what will help you the most.' She writes back, 'I would rather fight than run,' something really lame and I was like, 'do they give UFC Twitter awards for lamest comeback ever?' She hasn't had a response to that."

Fight or flight? Strikeforce Women's 135-pound Champion Ronda Rousey was not impressed with Sarah Kaufman's recent trash talk on Twitter, advising her to keep those legs in motion as they may be the only thing to save her from the former Olympian's dreaded submission game when they hook 'em up for a championship bout this August at a location to be named. After seeing what happened to Miesha Tate back in March, is anyone giving Kaufman a chance in this late summer title fight?

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