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String of bizarre Tim Kennedy videos continues with personal band geeks

iPod? Pffft ... so 2011.

Strikeforce Middleweight contender and part-time comedian Tim Kennedy is back with another entry into his bizarre "Ranger Up" collection of videos.

The good news is, he's finally dressed like a man.

The affable Army Ranger was last seen donning a tutu for his homage to Natalie Portman in Black Swan, which came on the heels of his aping of Lady Gaga, acting out the lyrics to "Part of Me," which was ironic, since part of me wanted to vomit while watching him embrace his character.

This time? Not so much.

The latest offering has him going through the motions of a typical day in training camp while his own personal band follows him around and belts out inspirational tunes. The medicine ball segment got a few chuckles.

Anyway, Kennedy is expected to face off against reigning 185-pound champion Luke Rockhold -- just as soon as Rocky gets his busted hand all patched up -- at the upcoming Showtime-televised event in July.

Then we'll see who gets the last laugh.

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