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Michael Bisping is 'pissed off' after learning of Hector Lombard's future title shot

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Since when does knocking out "John the baker" put you in line for a title shot?

That's a question longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title chaser Michael Bisping wants answered after learning that Bellator import Hector Lombard could earn a crack at the division crown by stopping Brian Stann at UFC on FOX 4 later this year.

"The Count," meanwhile, is relegated to "Barbarian" bashing at UFC 149 on July 21 in Calgary.

Fighting Tim Boetsch north of the border is a direct result of losing to Chael Sonnen at UFC on FOX 2 earlier this year, but Bisping is still "pissed off" that Lombard is shooting up the ranks like "Lightning."

From MMA Die Hards:

"It does piss me off a little bit, you know? I’ve been slugging away in the UFC for six years now, fighting the best guys in the world and just because Hector Lombard’s been knocking out little part-time fighters who probably hold down jobs full-time and he’s been knocking out people that I haven’t got a clue who they are, I haven’t even heard of them, you know, while I’ve been knocking out the best fighters in the world and fighting the best consistently for six years and he’s going to come in from knocking out John the baker from around the corner and you know, he gets a title shot?"

Hear more from Bisping on Lombard, Boetsch and his loss to Sonnen, after the jump.

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