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Mayweather vs Cotto results and live online play-by-play of HBO PPV

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Good evening Maniacs!

MMAMania is your home for complete coverage of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto WBA super welterweight championship bout TONIGHT (Saturday, May 5, 2012) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

We'll provide live play-by-play of the pay-per-view (PPV), which gets underway on HBO at 9 ET with a super welterweight scrap between Deandre Latimore and Carlos Quintana. That will be followed by a welterweight bout that sees Jesse Vargas taking on Steve Forbes, and then we have two super welterweight championships on the line. First up is the WBC belt, held by undefeated phenom Saul "Canello" Alvarez. He'll be defending his crown against "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

And then it's Miguel Cotto's WBA strap on the line, even though we all know that the real prize for the proud Puerto Rican fighter is taking the zero found after the 42 on Mayweather's record and turning it into a "1."

Mayweather and Cotto will get after it around midnight ET.

Join us for live round by round updates of the televised card as soon as the action gets underway after the jump:


Super Welterweight Championship bout: Floyd Mayweather defeats Miguel Cotto by unanimous decision.
Super Welterweight Championship bout: Saul Alvarez defeats Shane Mosley by unanimous decision.
Light Welterweight bout: Jessie Vargas defeats Steve Forbes by unanimous decision
Super Welterweight bout: Carlos Quintana defeats Deandre Latimore by 6th round knock out.


Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto -- WBA Super Welterweight Championship

Round 1 - Justin Beiber joins 50 cent in walking to the ring with the red and white trunks wearing Floyd Mayweather. Black trunks with grey and pink trim for Cotto. Cotto starts off trying to establish the jab. Floyd comes back with a 1-2 right away. Single jabs from Floyd. Cotto is pressing forward and gets his hands on Floyd for a body left. Mayweather bobs and they come together for a tie up again. Cotto comes in and traps Floyd on the ropes and lands a combination. Tight round. 10-10.
Round 2 - Jab from Mayweather. More movement from Floyd early on. They tie up again. A good 1-2 for Floyd and Cotto ties him up and lifts him off the ground and almost into a single leg! Whoa. They touch gloves and reset. Mayweather takes the initiative for the most part until the final part of the round. Cotto pins him on the ropes and tries to work the body and head. Excellent defense from Mayweather and he lands counter combinations. 20-19 Floyd.
Round 3 - Cotto is trying to go to the body and attack that way. Floyd is defending well but he's being forced to by the aggressive Cotto. Lead left from Floyd. Good jab from Floyd. Cotto has a high guard and is tying Mayweather up when he can but is thus far unable to land hard to the head of the champion.
Round 4 - Cotto comes out bouncing. Tries to get inside. Mayweather is picking single shots and now he's starting to open up on the challenger. Cotto retreats and comes back with a high guard. Right hook lands from Floyd. They clinch and Cotto pushes Floyd up against the ropes. Good combo from Cotto. Another close round but Floyd should be up 40-37.
Round 5 - Cotto pushes Floyd into the ropes again and again he can't do much in the way of damage. Good exchanges in the corner! Good half round for Cotto. They tie up again. Mayweather is fighting off the ropes quite well and they trade another good set of combinations. Mayweather is blocking most of Cotto's shots and he is landing right hands well. 50-46 Floyd.
Round 6 - Cotto rushes in with a left. Good jab by Floyd and he's slowed down in this round. Cotto lands a left hook. Mayweather is bleeding from the nose following a series of jabs from Cotto. A great round for Cotto, who is taking advantage of his size to this point. 59-56
Round 7 - Cotto is playing defense to start the round and he does well to block a series of rights. Cotto lands to the body. The champion uses his jab to open up the defense of Cotto, who pushes forward and ties him up again. Good work on the ropes from Cotto. This has been a good and close fight.
Round 8 - More of Cotto trapping Mayweather up against the ropes in the corner. A minute gone by and Cotto has Floyd trapped up against the ropes. Good response from Floyd and he goes to the uppercuts to free himself. Cotto is determined to unleash on him in the corner. Big finish to the round for Cotto. 77-77 after 8.
Round 9 - Cotto ties him up again and backs Floyd up into the corner. Mayweather skips away and lands a combination of punches. A bit of dirty boxing as we reach the halfway point of the round. Good left from Floyd. Good jab and now Floyd pushes Cotto into the ropes and throws a combo of his own. An even round again, with a lot of dirty boxing. Cotto makes Floyd miss at the end with good head movement. 87-87.
Round 10 - Floyd opens with good jabs. Cotto has stopped punching and is content to defend and wait for an opening. I'm not sure of he has the juice. Floyd is getting off first in this round and lands a good left to the body and a good combo after that. A nice exchange to finish the round and Mayweather moves ahead 97-98.
Round 11 - Good right by Floyd. Cotto moving forward again and it looks like he has something left here. Up against the ropes again and Floyd throws a few combinations and uses his jab to score points. Floyd's defense has been his saving grace again on more than a few occasions in this fight. I think Mayweather is up 107-105.
Round 12 - Cotto comes forward and glances blows off the champions gloves. Cotto pushes forward and lands a body punch. Big uppercut lands from Floyd and Cotto is taking shots. Good exchanges for the end of the fight. Cotto eats another combination and ties Floyd up. Good left from Floyd to end the fight. I've got it 117-114 for the champion and still undefeated Mayweather.

Final result: Floyd Mayweather wins by unanimous decision. (117-114, 117-114, 118-110)


Saul Alvarez vs Shane Mosley -- WBC Super Welterweight Championship

Round 1 - Sugar Shane comes out in his trademark black trunks with silver trim. Alvarez, who is a doppelgänger for Blake Griffin is wearing purple trunks with yellow trim. Big test for Alvarez. Mosley comes out the aggressor. Goes to the body and head with the jab. Alvarez hasn't thrown a punch halfway through the round. He opens with a jab. They exchange body attacks. Mosley uses the jab well, doubling up on it. Cannello lands a nice hook. 10-9 Mosley.
Round 2 - More jabs for Shane, who threw 51 in the first round. Alvarez covering up and defending. Towards the middle part of the round Saul begins landing hard punches. Good body punches, nice lead hook for Alvarez. Much better showing for the champion. 19-19 after two.
Round 3 - Mosley coming forward again but he's met with a stiff jab and hooks to the body. Alvarez has good power and speed. Mosley isn't outclassed by any means but he's a little slower. A cut to the left eye of Alvare appears after a head-butt. Alvarez still landing to the body. He is up 29-28.
Round 4 - Mosley goes back to the jab. Alvarez responds with jabs of his own and works inside. They tie up briefly. Alvarez continues to work to the head with his jab and lands a nice 1-2. His jab is really finding a home. He takes another round but it's a close and well fought fight thus far.
Round 5 - Slow start to the fifth and Mosley ties up Alvarez. They come together in the middle of the ring and exchange combinations. Good punches from both men. The best action of the fight so far and it favors neither man. Alvarez is looking like he can take what Mosley is throwing, but he's getting hit a little more than Shane is right now. Still, I think the damage wins him the round. 49-46 Alvarez.
Round 6 - Mosley is pressuring forward to start the round. He's throwing combinations but not doing damage. Alvarez is taking punches off his gloves and ripping off counters. Good jab from Alvarez. Too much youth and athleticism for Mosley to handle at this point. 59-55 Alvarez.
Round 7 - Both fighters are using jabs to start their offense and Alvarez is putting together multiple punch combinations and hurting Mosley. Mosley looks to tie up and he's just in survival mode. Alvarez lands to the body and pushes Mosley back. Alvarez winning this one pretty clearly now.
Round 8 - Mosley pushes Alcarez up against the ropes to start the round and it's working to avoid Alvarez's power. Mosley opens up with a huge flurry on the ropes! His best moment of the fight so far. Alvarez fights back with a combination of his own. Alvarez continues to come forward and perhaps was just taking some extra rest. Alcare continuing to lead.
Round 9 - Both men are a little tired. More punches thrown from Mosley but more power from Alvarez. Body shots and a big 1-2 from Canello. At the mid point of the round Alvarez turns it up and he hurts Mosley with a big flurry. Mosley ties him up and survives. 89-82 for the champion.
Round 10 - More of the same from Alvarez, who is looking to put a good finish together. Mosley stepping back and defending. This fight is starting to look like Mosley-Pacquiao. 99-91.
Round 11 - A good start to this round from Mosley, who came out in every round and started off with jabs, to his credit, before Alvarez starts to turn it up and take over. Great work in the middle of the rounds by Cannelo and Mosley can't rise to the same level. Good finish in this round though from Mosley. Could have been enough to take another round.
Round 12 - Larry Merchant says it's "Shane Mosley's last stand". Alvarez brings it to him for the last round and tags Moslley with a couple good combinations to the body. The champion will win this fight without much trouble but it wasn't the knockout that he was looking for. Body shots were the key.

Final result: Alvarez wins by unanimous decision (119-109, 118 110, 119-109)

Jesse Vargas vs Steve Forbes -- Welterweight Bout

Round 1 - Vargas in white and Forbes in red. Vargas shakes off a few jabs early on. A lot of feeling out. Vargas starts to get the jab going himself. Good right hand lands at the end of the round but Jesse Vargas looks quick and used the jab to win the second part of the round and take an early lead. 10-9 Vargas.
Round 2 - Forbes is a little tentative and is not finding a home for anything, while Vargas jabs away. A good body shot by Vargas. Forbes throws a combination that Vargas covers up and blocks. Not a lot of action but in the single punch exchanges Vargas is getting the better of it. 20-18 Vargas.
Round 3 -They are starting to throw more punches but neither man is making much hay. Vargas digs to the body with a right hook. Forbes is walking after Vargas, who is bouncing around. A closer round but I think Vargas took it and now has a 30-27 lead.
Round 4 - Forbes takes the center of the ring and eats a couple jabs to the body. I'm impressed by Vargas and his defense but he's not showing a killer instinct. Forbes tries to get on the inside but Vargas is blocking all his big punches and dancing out of range, using his jab to take a 40-36 lead.
Round 5 - Forbes lands a nice combo, his first of the night. Forbes ducks under a jab and lands a right straight to the body. Vargas ties up and throws some good body shots. Vargas goes back to the bouncing and jabbing. Closer round and I think Forbes gets on the board. 49-46 Vargas.
Round 6 - Pace picking up in this round. Vargas still the quicker man and he's getting in and out and making Forbes miss on the counter. Forbes is trying to put the pressure on and throws a nice right. Much better round for Forbes and despite a wide disparity in punches landed, he's got another round in the books. 58-57 Vargas.
Round 7 - Vargas is standing flat footed and he's not moving as much, which is allowing Forbes to get in with the jab. Forbes trying to go head and then body. Vargas comes back with some nice punches and he picks up the pace in the last 30 seconds. I'm not sure on that one, Vargas is looking a little tired but I'll give him the round and a 68-66 lead.
Round 8 - Vargas goes back to the jab and looks much fresher than last round. Forbes is still coming forward, as he has all night and the two men exchange inside in the final minute of the round. I'd like to see more action from these guys, as this has the feeling of a decent sparring match. Vargas is up 78-75 and Forbes needs a KO.
Round 9 - Forbes knows he needs to go after it and so does Vargas. The younger man is content to defend his head and avoid exchanges. Forbes can't do much damage from the inside but he does get Vargas up against the ropes and tries to go body, head but Vargas spins away. Forbes gets another round but it's too little too late at this point, 88-84 Vargas.
Round 10 - Vargas jabs to the body and then to the head. He used the jab to perfection in this fight and really, it was the only weapon for either man that worked out. Forbes is going to the body like he has towards the end of the fight but he isn't able to put together anything of real substance. 97-93 on my card for Jesse Vargas.

Final result: Jesse Vargas wins by unanimous decision. (100-90, 97-93, 98-92)

Deandre Latimore vs Carlos Quintana -- Super Welterweight

Round 1 - Latimore in red and white trunks. Quintana in white, blue and red. Not much action to start, Latimore goes to the body a few times. Quintana trying to counter but a lot of shots are being blocked by both fighters. Latimore lands to the body at the end to win the round.
Round 2 - Quintana starts using the jab to start the second. Latimore loading up on big punches but not landing many. Low blow by Carlos but Latimore shrugs it off. More good jabs and he's opened up a cut over the left eye of Latimore. Quintana takes the round. 19-19 after two.
Round 3 - Quintana looking like the quicker man, Latimore the stronger. Latimore is the aggressor but he isn't throwing with enough volume. Quintana lands a stiff 1-2. He goes to the body and another 1-2. A solid round for Quintana to pull ahead on my scorecard 29-28.
Round 4 - Good exchange to start the middle rounds. Quintana is throwing much more punches and Latimore is swinging hook counters. A solid right lands for Latimore. Quintana is backing up again. Latimore is hesitating to throw combinations and he's losing the exchanges because of it. Closer round but Quintana takes it again. 39-37 Quintana.
Round 5 - Quintana comes out aggressively and backs Latimore into the ropes. Latimore ties him up and avoids any real trouble. Carlos is starting to exert himself here. Latimore is up against the ropes again and he's tying up the older fighter whenever he can. Quintana has landed twice as many punches at the halfway point of the fight. 49-46 Quintana.
Round 6 - Back to stalking is Latimore but he's not finding Quintana with his punches. A good jab is keeping him just put of range. Quintana has him up on the ropes and he unleashes a flurry of punches that puts Latimore down and he's badly dazed. Two straight lefts did the majority of the damage. It's over! 2:19 seconds of the 6th round and Carlos Quintana has won by knockout.

Final result: Carlos Quintana defeats Deandre Latimore by 6th round KO.

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