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Mayweather vs Cotto weigh in results and LIVE video stream from Las Vegas

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The official weigh in event for the WBA super welterweight championship bout between Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto is set to go down today (May 4, 2012) at 6 p.m. ET LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada., which will be your combat sports home for the blockbuster showdown that takes place tomorrow night (Sat., May 5, 2012) in "Sin City" will deliver live Mayweather vs. Cotto weigh in results, as well as those for the rest of the HBO pay-per-view (PPV) boxing under card below.

In addition, we have the Mayweather vs. Cotto weigh in streaming video below, which means that you can watch all the scale-tipping festivities at in the extended entry.

Please join us here for a live video stream of the official weigh-ins, which begins at approximately 5:45 pm ET.

Similar to the UFC on FOX main card, there will be four fights shown on the HBO broadcast, making this a pretty tidy affair. The weigh-ins will go in reverse bout order, so we'll see the two headliners stepping on the scale first, followed by the rest of the fighters on the card.

Check out complete "Mayweather vs. Cotto" weigh in results (and live video stream) after the jump:

Okay we're just about to get underway. If you are watching the stream, there is an employee grooving along to the tunes in front of the camera. And he's blocking the view of what looks to be a fine looking ring girl and a massive Corona. The Camera pans to the crowd, showing a packed house and we're getting underway.

I'm immediately struck by the production quality. They have a couple of studio hosts, and they are discussing how big these weigh-ins have become.

Michael Buffer takes over, introducing the sponsors and reminding everyone of the match-ups. We're currently looking at the roof of the MGM Grand Hotel, which is kind of strange. And now the volume has disappeared on my stream. Heh, now we're back and they are introducing the event again. I guess we got off to a bit of a false start.

Oscar De La Hoya is introduced to the crowd and gets a big cheer. He tells the fans that "this fight will be amazing because of you!"

I guess we aren't going in reverse bout order after all. Carlos Quintana and Deandre Latimore are first up on the scale. Quintana is first and he makes the weight, in a spiffy pair of purple boxers. Latimore comes in at 154.5 pounds, which is allowed in the contract. The announcers remind us that in a title fight the fighters have no leeway and must come in at 154 pounds or less. Nothing special happens in the face off.

The announcers are still talking about how big of a deal the weigh-ins have become. The atmosphere is certainly a more corporate one than the swift and sweet nature of the UFC.

Now we have "sideline" reporter BJ Flores talking to some Cotto fans, who are quite sure that Cotto is going to knock out Money. A money fan with a single $100 bill shows up, encouraging people to bet on Floyd to win by knockout in the 7th round. The Cotto fans erupt into a Cotto chant. Oh, apparently BJ used to be a light heavyweight boxer and was quite good before he transitioned to reporting.

There is some discussion about the odds on the main event and the nice aspect of being able to proposition bet, not just bet on the winner.

Now we have Steve Forbes and Jessie Vargas being introduced. Both fighters come in at the allowed 140 pound limit and we are quickly on to the two main events.

Saul Alvarez is introduced to a very large ovation, and the announcers are now discussing the fact that so many top boxers are now jumping into the promotions game, which is interesting. We go back to BJ Flores to talk to an Alvarez fan, who tells us that Alvarez is going to win in what I assume is Spanish.

Mosley hops onto the scale first, and he is one half pound over the limit. He has an hour to shed the pound. He looks good and not particularly drawn out. Alvarez comes in right at 154 pounds, so he's good to go.

One of my favorite sports broadcasters, Max Kellerman, is interviewing Alvarez. He asks him how he's going to stop Mosley, and Alvarez says that he's not going to try, he's coming to win.

Kellerman asks Mosley how come he didn't make weight, and Mosley says it's no problem, he made it on another scale. Max asks him why we should believe he will beat Alvarez based on what happened against Pacman, and Mosley shrugs off the question and says he'll be fine and is ready to fight.

One more BJ Flores report. For a former boxer, he's very well spoken. Kind of reminds me of Brian Stann a little bit.

Cotto is introduced first and comes onstage in shades and a track suit.

Security has to hold back some of Floyd's entourage from jumping up on the stage, and Mayweather blows kisses to the crowd, who are less than enthusiastic for the boxer. He looks jacked as he climbs up on the scale first and weighs in at 151 pounds.

Cotto follows to cheers, and he comes in right at the limit.

For the staredown, Mayweather is chewing gum obnoxiously and grinning like a clown, while Cotto stares into his soul with a stone face. This goes on for about 30 seconds, before Mayweather starts to get a serious look on his face, while continuing to chew. Words are exchanged.

Kellerman asks Floyd what was said, and he tells the HBO announcer that he told Cotto that he was about to step in with the best, so he needs to be ready. He also says that he feels great to be fighting at 151 pounds. Kellerman asks him why the crowd is so big now, where as in the past it wasn't nearly this size and Mayweather takes the opportunity to remind everyone that it's "hard work and dedication" that has brought him here. Mayweather was very calm and collected and looks very confident.

Now Kellerman is interviewing Cotto and asks him first about the staredown. Cotto says that he told Mayweather that he's never faced a fighter like him, which is why he is undefeated and why tomorrow Cotto is going to take charge. After a few basic strategy questions, Cotto states that this fight is not only for him but is for the whole Latin community.

And that wraps it up. It's hard not to be fully excited for this fight after watching the two men square off for close to a full minute. I can't wait!

Super Welterweight Championship bout (154 pound limit) : Floyd Mayweather Jr. (151) vs Miguel Cotto (154)

Super Welterweight Championship bout (154 pound limit): Saul Alvarez (154 lbs) vs Shane Mosley (154.5)*

Light Welterweight bout (140 pound limit): Jessie Vargas (140 lbs) vs Steve Forbes (140 lbs)

Super Welterweight bout (154 pound limit): Deandre Latimore (154.5 lbs) vs Carlos Quintana (154 lbs)

*must lose .5 pounds within an hour.

The televised portion of the card features a pretty interesting bout between up and coming Saul Alvarez and grizzled veteran Shane Mosley.

At 21 years of age, undefeated and already having fought 40 professional fights, Alvarez is quickly turning himself into a potential challenger for Mayweather down the line and some in boxing circles believe that this bout with Mosley is intended to showcase him for this exact reason. That doesn't mean that you should write off Mosley though. He is a wise and crafty veteran, and he's fought a ton of big fights. He could be a little long in the tooth to take Alvarez out, but he certainly has the ability to win this fight.

The other two fights on the TV card feature Jessie Vargas vs Steve Forbes in a match at the light welterweight limit of 140 pounds and Deandre Latimore facing off against Carlos Quintana.

These fights bare some similarities to the Alvarez/Mosley battle:

Vargas (22) is a young and rising undefeated fighter, while Forbes is a former champion whose best days are far behind him. Alvarez is signed to Mayweather promotions so this fight is clearly set to show off the young fighter.

Meanwhile, Latimore is also signed up with Mayweather promotions and he is trained by Jeff Mayweather, brother to Floyd Sr. and Roger. At 26, Latimore is not exactly a young prospect anymore, but he still has 9 years on Quintana, whose claim to fame is his brief title reign at welterweight in 2008 after defeating Paul Williams.

I'll be checking back in around 5:30 ET and will update the post with the results of the weigh-ins as they happen. While you are waiting for the stream to go live, check out this quick recap video that HBO released yesterday of the final pre-fight press conference:

Last, but certainly not least, a few hours after the weigh-ins, we will get the fourth and final episode of HBO's "24/7" Mayweather vs Cotto hype machine. And, of course, we'll have a video of that up as soon as it hits the web. If you haven't seen the first three episodes, check them out:

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