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Video: 'Pele' reacts to Anderson Silva's book, calls 'The Spider' a liar and a wussy

"I feel I'm in a pathetic situation here, having to answer to this well-known fighter who has lied about me and about some facts of our lives. Anderson, you know how I deal with this kind of situation. You've been saying that Vitor Belfort has no balls. I can say the very same thing to you. Anderson, mark my words, you have no balls! I can tell that just by looking in your eyes. Every time I look at you, you chicken out. You're such a wussy! This lie has really hurt me. I must confess that you've got talent, but as I said before, you are nothing but a piece of shit."

Well, I guess Chael Sonnen isn't the only one who can't stand the sight of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion and UFC 148 headliner Anderson Silva, whose upcoming book has already set off a firestorm of controversy thanks to its tales of shotguns and paybacks. Now, longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran and fellow Brazilian Jose Landi-Jons fires back at "The Spider" for allegedly lying in his book about a previous confrontation they had and the ensuing fallout. You know the old saying, Maniacs, fighting solves everything. "Pele" vs. Silva in a catchweight fight? Who takes it?

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