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Burger time: Joe Lauzon loses cheeseburger eating contest to FPS Russia (Video)

Don't give me any of that "slow news day" crap or I'll start posting Lesnar updates.

What does Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Joe Lauzon do in his spare time? Eat cheeseburgers. Lots of them. So many, in fact, that he tried to go head-to-head with gun guru and paintball pal "FPS Russia" at some hastily assembled cheeseburger eating contest in Chicago.

Middle Easy dug up the fast-food footage over the weekend.

"J-Lau" was guest starring in "Living Legends" at CPX Sports in the "Windy City," which is apparently a big deal in the world of paintball, something I haven't kept up with since the end credits of Gotcha! (I'm old), but from what I understand it's still pretty popular.

Anywho, Lauzon will look to rebound from his knockout loss to Anthony Pettis earlier this year when he locks horns with Terry Etim at the UFC on FOX 4 event booked for August 4, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Cheeseburgers are not expected to be a part of his training regimen.

For more on their upcoming 155-pound contest click here.

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