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K-1 Rising 2012 results: Mirko Cro Cop wins by knock out, Badr Hari victorious

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Reports of K-1's demise were greatly exaggerated, indeed.

The world renowned kickboxing promotion held its latest event, K-1 Rising 2012, earlier today (May 27) in Madrid, Spain. The event featured the opening round of the 2012 K-1 World MAX Grand Prix, not to mention the return of Mirko Filipovic and Badr Hari.

Speaking of "Cro Cop," mixed marital arts (MMA) fans may be pleased to know (or not) that he emerged victorious in his heavyweight showcase against Loren Javier Jorge. The Croatian looked as good as he has in years, stalking Loren around the ring before finishing him off with a few deadly left hands in the second round.

It wasn't the left high kick he's so famous for but he looked impressive nonetheless.

The same can't be said for Badr Hari, who was fighting the bulge just as much as he was his opponent on the evening, Anderson "Braddock" Silva. Some are calling Silva's performance the best of his career, while Hari didn't look anything like the killer he has in times past.


That's not all, though. After the jump, get complete results from K-1 Rising 2012.

World Max 2012 Final 16 Fights:

Mike Zambidis defeated Chahid Oulad El Hadj by knockout in Round 3
Andy Souwer defeated Abraham Roqueni by unanimous decision
Artur Kyshenko defeated Su Hwan Lee by knockout in Round 2
Yasuhiro Kido defeated Xu Yan by knockout in Round 3
Andy Ristie defeated Gago Drago by unanimous decision
Reece McAllister defeated Yuji Nashiro by unanimous decision
Murthel Groenhart defeated Harut Grigorian by knockout in round 3
Chris Ngimbi defeated Chain Superpro Samui by unanimous decision

Heavyweight Superfights:

Badr Hari defeated Anderson "Braddock" Silva by decision
Mirko Cro Cop defeated Loren Javier Jorge by knockout in Round 2
Daniel Ghita defeated Wendell Roche by technical knockout in Round 2
Sergei Lascenko defeated Rico Verhoeven by split decision

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