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UFC 146 results: Cain Velasquez destroys Bigfoot Silva en route to first round TKO win

The co-main event of the UFC 146: "Dos Santos vs. Mir" fight card taking place tonight (Sat., May 26, 2012) in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured former Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez welcoming Strikeforce import Antonio Silva to the Octagon.

This was the first fight for Velasquez since losing his 265-pound title to Junior dos Santos back in Nov. 2011 on FOX. An impressive victory over Silva would undoubtedly put him right back in line for another shot at the throne.

Go ahead and book it.

That's because Velasquez came out fast and furious and never left off the gas, throwing punch after punch, elbow after elbow, until Silva was leaking blood like a faucet all over the mat. He couldn't wipe it out of his eyes fast enough and before long the better option was just to wait for the referee to save him.

Rematch with Dos Santos forthcoming? One can only hope.

Silva opened with a leg kick low and it cost him immediately. That's because Velasquez caught it and tossed "Bigfoot" to the floor with little issue.

Then it was time for Cain to work from top, where he unleashed punches and elbows that opened Silva up. He was spurting blood and it was smearing the canvas at an unbelievable rate. It was also going straight into his eyes, making it hard for him to see.

It was so bad, in fact, that referee Josh Rosenthal stopped the fight to check the cut.

The fight was allowed to continue but back on the floor where it was originally stopped. So Cain just went back to unloading on him with a speed and efficiency we're not used to seeing in the heavyweight division.

The blood just kept flowing while Velasquez kept pounding. This was a one-sided beating and the former champion was swinging the hammer.

"Bigfoot" turtled up under the assault and they might as well just give this dude a title shot right now. Unreal performance.

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