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Junior dos Santos vs Frank Mir fight video preview for UFC 146 tonight (May 26) in Las Vegas

The UFC 146 fight card's original line up was decimated by drop-outs, drama, opponent swaps and assorted chaos. The one constant, however, has been Junior dos Santos in the main event of the evening defending his heavyweight championship in front of thousands of adoring fans at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In lieu of fighting his original opponent, Alistair Overeem, "Cigano" will now take on Frank Mir, a former multiple time division champion who can't seem to get any respect amongst the mixed martial arts (MMA) fanbase.

Dos Santos respects him, but he's going to do what he always does once he's standing across from him inside the Octagon:

"I'm better than Frank Mir. I'm going to win and it's not going to be by decision. I love to knock people out. Frank Mir is tough but I will win this fight."

As for Mir? He's been backing up his big talk for years and he's eager for the chance to do it one more time, with the 265-pound strap hanging in the balance:

"This is mixed martial arts; there is more to this than boxing. 'JDS' has boxing and he's great at it. But what other aspects of his game do we have? I have the most wins of any heavyweight in the division. I'm not just talking it, I'm backing it up."

Will he back it up tonight? Or will dos Santos add one more skull to his already impressive display case? Just a few hours away, Maniacs. Get ready.

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