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K-1 Rising 2012 video sneak peek for May 27 in Madrid

Japan-based combat sports promotion Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG) may have been toe-tagged earlier this year, but the K-1 brand is alive and well.

That means kickboxing fans will get another K-1 MAX World Grand Prix starting on May 27, 2012 from Palacio Vista Alegre in Madrid, Spain, featuring a familiar line-up of stars from past and present, including Badr Hari and Mirko Filipovic.

"The Golden Boy" and "Cro Cop" are slated to compete in heavyweight "Super Fights" against Anderson Silva (no, not "The Spider") and Loren Javier Jorge, respectively. Fight fans can stream the event at K-1's UStream account right here.

The complete K-1 Rising 2012 fight card and line-up after the jump.

World Max 2012 Final 16 Fights:

Mike Zambidis vs. Chahid Oulad El Hadj
Andy Souwer vs. Abraham Roqueni
Artur Kyshenko vs. Su Hwan Lee
Xu Yan vs. Yasuhiro Kido
Gago Drago vs. Andy Ristie
Yuji Nashiro vs. Reece McAllister
Harut Grigorian vs. Murthel Groenhart
Chain Superpro Samui vs. Chris Ngimbi

Heavyweight Superfights:

Emad Kadyear vs. Zeben Diaz
Badr Hari vs. Anderson "Braddock" Silva
Mirko Cro Cop vs. Loren Javier Jorge
Daniel Ghita vs. Damian Garcia
Rico Verhoeven vs. Sergei Lascenko

For more on K-1 Rising 2012 click here.

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