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Alistair Overeem: 'I will be back in nine months to get that UFC heavyweight belt'

Owner of the K-1, DREAM and Strikeforce heavyweight titles, Alistair Overeem is confident he will earn the UFC's heavyweight strap upon his return from his nine month suspension.
Owner of the K-1, DREAM and Strikeforce heavyweight titles, Alistair Overeem is confident he will earn the UFC's heavyweight strap upon his return from his nine month suspension.

It's been a tumultuous couple of months to say the least for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem.

From making the move to the United States in search of a new place he can call home, looking for a camp that can fulfill his training needs, preparing for the biggest fight of his life against UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and dealing with the backlash of his now infamous elevated testosterone levels following a random drug test, Overeem has been on an up-and-down rollercoaster of emotions that would drive any man to the edge.

If you weren't educated to what exactly one's testosterone to epitestosterone (T/E) ratio meant before, you more than likely know now. That's because when "The Reem's" T/E ratio came back at 14-to-1, which is more than double the allowable 6-to-1 ratio according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), the news spread like wildfire all across mixed martial arts (MMA) forums as well nationally syndicated television and radio shows across the globe.

Though Alistair was not targeted or directly accused by the NSAC of abusing any kind of performance enhancing drug (PED), questions quickly arose from fans, fellow fighters and critics alike as to why his testosterone levels would come in so high.

After his April 24, 2012 hearing wrapped and NSAC officials listened to 'Team Reem's" explanation that prescribed anti-inflammatory medications were to blame for the high testosterone levels, the NSAC dropped the hammer anyway and denied Alistair a license to compete for a period of nine months, though they did acknowledge they did not feel "The Reem" was trying to gain a competitive edge over his opponent by taking any sort of banned substance.

In his latest episode of the online documentary series "The Reem," which chronicles the daily life of the Dutch striker, he talks about the NSAC's decision to deny him a license as well as assuring everyone that he will return a stronger person following this trying ordeal.

Check it out:

"We just finished the hearing. I greatly respect the commission, I respect their decision. They come across as gentlemen and gentlewomen, very respectful, very understanding of the situation. Trying to understand the situation. Basically, we're going to be out for nine months, but I consider myself a clever guy. I'm going to get stronger from this, I'm going to keep on training, and I'll be back in nine months. I'm still going to get that belt."

Before his NSAC hearing, the former K-1 Grand Prix Champion bowed out of his fight with "Cigano," which was set to go down this weekend (May 26, 2012) at UFC 146 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Three days before the hearing, UFC President Dana White announced that Frank Mir would replace him.

Now, Overeem will have nine months to regroup and settle into his new home in Florida where he is now a member of "The Blackzillians" alongside Rashad Evans, Melvin Guillard, Jorge Santiago, Antonio Silva, Tyrone Spong and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace, Braulio Estima, among others.

Upon his return, he is very confident he will claim the UFC's heavyweight title, that is of course, assuming he still has a job with the world's leading MMA promotion.

To view the video in which the Dutch striker takes you very deep behind the scenes of his life beginning with the March 27 UFC 146 pre-fight press conference, his media tour alongside dos Santos, his move to the United States and his search for a new MMA camp culminating with his NSAC hearing, click here.

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