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Video: Rampage Jackson squashes his feud with Joe Rogan

Consider the beef between former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan officially squashed.

"Rampage" was annoyed with Rogan's "girly, high-ass voice" that he used for "biased" commenting that favored jiu-jitsu practitioners. Rogan defended his commentary as "objective analysis" designed to help viewers understand what each fighter can do to improve their chances of winning during a particular fight.

To see their online war of words click here and here.

The good news is, time heals all wounds and both Jackson and Rogan were able to talk things out on camera, effectively squashing their beef after clearing the air about their initial intentions.

Rampage isn't the first fighter to express their displeasure with Rogan's fight breakdowns. The Fear Factor host also drew the ire of former welterweight champion Matt Hughes back in 2007, who claimed the longtime commentator "didn't know what he was talking about."

Anyone out there have a problem with the way Rogan does his job?

Explain ...

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