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Stephan Bonnar campaigning to coach opposite Forrest Griffin for next season of The Ultimate Fighter

It appears that "The American Psycho" wants to go out with a bang

Currently riding a three fight win streak, Bonnar was a guest on this past Thursday's MMA Uncensored Live on Spike TV where the 14 fight UFC veteran spoke with the show's hosts about his plans for the future.

"Well I'm on a crusade to be coaches [for TUF 16]. It only makes sense that something comes full circle and hey, if [me and Forrest Griffin] are coaches, I guarantee the fight will outdo the first one and on top of that, Forrest is a very funny guy, but I'll out-funny him. So please everybody, harass Dana White. Dana listen to the fans, let's make this happen. Don't leave him alone."

Perhaps he's hoping for a better result than Mark Hunt's recent twitter campaign to earn a title shot against Junior dos Santos.

If that doesn't work out, Bonnar does have a back-up plan.

Host Craig Carton asked Bonnar what he would do if Bonnar's campaign failed, and the veteran light heavyweight was candid in response.

"I'm no dummy. I've got a couple more fights in me. I'm insecure. I want to outdo that first fight with Forrest. I think I earned it. I'm on a nice roll. Give me some of them big names. Let me go out in a blaze of glory. That's all I want to do."

Bonnar has not fought since a November 2011 victory over Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 139, where he utilized his superior wrestling to grind out a decision in a rather non-crowd-pleasing affair.

Would you be supportive of Bonnar as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter? What fight would you give him if you were Joe Silva right now?

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