PR disaster for the UFC

The recent arrest of Jon Jones due to drinking under alcohol influence is a major PR disaster for the UFC, simply because the UFC put all it's eggs in the Jon Jones basket, by deciding to OFFICIALLY SPONSOR HIM. Many superstars have often been labeled the face of the UFC, but in this case it's an actual reality, Jones is THE face of the UFC due to the official fact of the UFC sponsoring the man. Maybe this should be a lesson to Dana White, seems he bought way into Jon Jones and the PR Jones carried around him, being this nice lovy dovy good choir boy.

How's this going to look on the UFC and MMA when a sponsored star is crashing his car due to being under the influence of alcohol? Talk about shooting MMA in the foot, if Dana has any actual balls, decency, honesty, and consistency, the first thing he'd do is strip Jones of official UFC sponsorship. And this isn't being a hater, how in the world can you continue to sponsor a person after such an incident?

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