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Kenny Florian retirement update: 'KenFlo' rehabbing back injury, will decide on future in 'next couple of months'

From middleweight to featherweight, longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran and former "Ultimate Fighter" Kenny Florian has just about seen and done it all inside the Octagon.

Well, almost.

Despite a couple of title shots, the part-time color commentator for UFC on FUEL TV was never able to wrap a championship belt around his waist, despite his best efforts against Sean Sherk, B.J. Penn and Jose Aldo.

And depending on how well he can rehab his injured back, he may never get that chance again.

"I've been able to do some workouts, certainly nowhere close to the level and consistency that I was before, but this is where I kind of start to poke and prod and see exactly what I’m capable of doing and how my body hold up. So, these next couple of months are going to be important and are really probably going to be the deciding factor whether I come back or not. It’s extremely hard, you know. It has been my life for the last seven on eight years. This is all I’ve done, I have dedicated my life and my body to this sport, literally. And it’s all I really wanted to do. I really can’t tell you how many things I’ve sacrificed to be where I’m at. Whether it’s, you know, missed holidays and lost relationships because not only did I have to train, but I wanted to train. This was my life, this is all I wanted to do and it’s been an interesting transition doing this (broadcasting) and being away from that sport that I love and miss so much. Yeah, it’s hard. I think anytime you put so much into something and you’re away from that thing for a little bit, it’s strange, you know."

"KenFlo" elaborates on his recovery, training and possible retirement to Fight Hub TV, after the jump.

Let's hear it Maniacs, does Florian come back? And if he does, who would you like to see him fight? Perhaps he can finally bring closure to his feud with Melvin Guillard...

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