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Video: The Shoot! featuring Josh Thomson, the 'legit world champion' who gets 'no respect'

"If there's one thing people can never take away from me, it's that I've been a world champion. There's only a handful of people in the world that can say they've been a mixed martial arts world champion and I'm a legit world champion. At the time I beat Gilbert Melendez, he was ranked number three in the world, I believe, and there was a lot of talk about him being even higher than that. Now he's basically considered to be number one and I'm sittin' in the same spot as when I beat him the first time. Gettin' no respect and no one cared and it's gonna end up bein' the same type of fight."

Former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh Thomson is looking to prove, once again, that he's better than Gilbert Melendez when they hook 'em up on the Showtime card slated for this Saturday night (May 19, 2012) at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. "The Punk" was able to defeat "El Nino" back in 2008, but came up short in their rematch just over a year later. Now the rubber match will finally reveal, once and for all, who the "legit" world champion really is. Who ya' got?

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