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Video: Daniel Cormier is going to finish Josh Barnett like a little flying kung fu kid

Finish him!

For those fight fans in our audience who like to bet on the outcomes of mixed martial arts (MMA) fights, Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament finalist Daniel Cormier is giving you a sneak peek of his finishing move against Josh Barnett at the upcoming Showtime event from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., on May 19, 2012.

Forget about his Olympic-caliber wrestling pedigree or vastly improved stand-up game, "DC" is just going to execute a jumping aerial corkscrew into "The Warmaster's" breadbasket, invariably cinching a stunning knockout victory by way of flying awesomeness.

After all, if some random Ernie Reyes Jr./Last Dragon impersonator can do it, why can't Cormier?

The undefeated 265-pound fight phenom mixes it up with the talented kids of West Coast Martial Arts in advance of this weekend's career-defining Strikeforce showdown in "Silicon Valley," which you can read all about though our comprehensive news archive right here.

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