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Video: Chael Sonnen working with Stone Cold Steve Austin to prepare for Anderson Silva UFC 148 fight

"Part of my arrangement with Mr. Austin is that I don't get too into it. But look, this isn't anything new. I've worked with him for the last three fights. He's a strength and conditioning coach, he has me out to the ranch, and he puts me through hell for 30 days. That's what we use to jump start our training, basically. That's it. He doesn't want to be involved and I'm not going to involve him."

There's that darn pro wrestling, intruding on mixed marital arts (MMA) again. This time it's Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) number one middleweight contender Chael Sonnen revealing, for what he says is the first time, that he works with former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) mega-star Stone Cold Steve Austin on the regular. In fact, he's been doing so for his last three fights, which would mean "The Rattlesnake" helped prepare Sonnen for his victories over Michael Bisping and Brian Stann and his loss to Anderson Silva, whom he will challenge once again on Sat., July 7, 2012, at UFC 148 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Will the two have better luck this time around? We shall see. In the meantime, what are your feelings on Sonnen continually interjecting pro wrestling influences into his MMA game and, in turn, bringing that into your lives? You Maniacs okay with it?

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