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Latest UFC/MMA news and notes from around the web for the week of May 6, 2012

Photo of Marlon Sandro (top) with teammate Jose Aldo (bottom) via <a href="">MMA News</a>
Photo of Marlon Sandro (top) with teammate Jose Aldo (bottom) via MMA News

Welcome, Maniacs, to the weekly series where we help you catch up on some of the original reporting done by other sites in the vast MMA landscape. Like Marlon Sandro and Jose Aldo pictured above, we can all "get along."

Teaming up with MMA sites like Low Kick, Fightline, Fight Opinion and The Fight Nerd, we'll provide an opportunity for all MMA fans to read some fresh and original voices in the sport.

This week, The Fight Nerd gives a complete history of MMA in New York, Fight Opinion investigates the California commission and politics and MMA Payout takes a look at King Mo's deal with Bellator and TNA. .

The full list of links is after the jump.

- Gilbert Melendez has changed his goals on Strikeforce vs. UFC (LowKick)

"Obviously, to be the number one guy in the world, you've got to be a champion in the UFC. I have changed my goals. Right now my goals are to put on a good show, get better in the sport, take some risks and just try to become a really good martial artist and deliver. I just want to do my thing and perform and find my motivation with my paycheck, my team and my family."

- Complete timeline of the history of MMA in New York (The Fight Nerd)

With the vote to legalize MMA in New York squashed for another year, but an amateur MMA event still going on in the northern part of the state next week, there is a lot of confusion among casual fans as to what exactly is happening between mixed martial arts and The Empire State. For quick reference, below is a condensed timeline of every major legal and social event regarding MMA in New York from 1997 to this week.

- Investigation: The future of combat sports in California (Fight Opinion)

Last Friday morning, we posted an article discussing the neutering of AB2100, the proposed legislation (amendments) by Assemblyman Luis Alejo that would give the California State Athletic Commission sweeping authority to review & regulate fighter contracts in Mixed Martial Arts. The current power that the CSAC has to oversee boxing contracts would be given to the commission for MMA as well.

- King Mo's unprecedented deal with Bellator and TNA (MMA Payout)

Former Strikeforce Light Heavy Weight Champion Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal announced today that he has signed a first-of-its-kind deal to simultaneously compete for Spike TV properties Bellator Fighting Championship (MMA) & TNA (Professioinal Wrestling).

- Renan Barao discusses potential interim title fight against Urijah Faber (MMA Convert)

"It would be great," said Barao, in a recent interview with the Brazilian news outlet Tatame. "Actually, I fight any guy (the) UFC tells me to. I'm prepared and I can fight anyone."

- Frank Mir: Junior Dos Santos avoids ground game like it's 'poison' (Fightline)

But as far as when you see people engage him, he's a throw-punches-and-run kind of guy. He doesn't wanna sit there and get grabbed and taken down and he's not gonna fight that battle. If he was capable of doing it, we probably would've seen it already. Fact is, he avoids it like it's poison.

- John Lineker's unexpected helping hand before UFC on FOX 3 (Five Ounces of Pain)

John Lineker was unsuccessful in his attempt to defeat Louis Gaudinot on the prelims at UFC on FOX 3. However, considering the non-fighting issues he dealt with it was pretty incredible that Lineker made it to the bout. Alex Davis, who manages a number of fighters including Rousimar Palhares, helped Lineker deal some trouble cutting weight as well as other problems after his management team was unable

- Erk Koch looking to cash in UFC golden ticket (5thRound)

Do you remember how happy Charlie was when he cracked open that Wonka Bar and discovered he had won the last Golden Ticket? Oh, and who can forget about his classic celebration with Grandpa Joe?

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