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Video: Diego Brandao is going to 'fight a street fight' against Darren Elkins at UFC 146

"I know he’s a wrestler. I don’t know too much about him. I don’t even watch his fights. I believe in God, I believe in training hard. I’m just going to go there and fight a street fight again. Everybody says 'Oh, he has overhands.' Yeah I have overhands. If I catch your face I knock you out. My overhand is too high, so this is why I hunt. Hunt is like, you snipe. You find the chin. You gonna hunt, you gonna come in, jab, you need to, moving, counter, so this is basically hunt. Escape from the move and attack at the same time. This is the hunt. Keep moving, angles, keep putting the guy pressure, break the guy’s mind, so this is how hunt is."

Mixed martial arts? Pffft ... this is Diego Brandao we're talking about, the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 madman who smashed and crashed his way to the featherweight finale before taking home the coveted "six-figure contract" -- and the lower half of Dennis Bermudez's arm. Now "Ceara" (via Bloody Elbow) is getting ready for his encore performance against Darren Elkins at UFC 146, but hasn't bothered to watch any tape on his opponent, instead relying on his belief in God and penchant for street fighting. Will it be enough on May 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada?

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