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Alan Belcher: 'Rousimar Palhares will go for my legs ... and they just won't be there'

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Photo of Alan Belcher via

Now you see them, now you don't.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender Alan Belcher is no stranger to the submission aspect of mixed martial arts (MMA). He is, after all, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and his last two victories have come via tapout.

Though "The Talent" has faced some experienced grapplers in his time, it's safe to say he has yet to encounter someone with the submission talents that are on the same level as the man he will go toe-to-toe with this weekend (May, 5, 2012) at UFC on Fox 3 in Rousimar Palhares.

Belcher (via MMA Weekly) appreciates the ground game of the Brazilian, but plans to surprise some people with his defensive moves aimed at preventing the submission wizard from claiming yet another victim.

Those comments, after the jump.

"You can't over train and over think it. The more you train, the more you are going to be prepared for it. Where people make mistakes, it's that they don't believe in the power of leg locks and foot locks and stuff. I mean, I was getting a little bit like that myself, but you know, in the Jiu-Jitsu community, you train everything. Leg locks, for years, a lot of people never figured out how to defend them because they'd be, 'Oh, I can't get caught at the high level.' Lately, the last couple of years, foot locks have made a huge comeback and there are some awesome technicians like Rousimar Palhares has proved. So, I think people going into a fight here just thinking, 'Yeah, well, you can't get me in that. I'll just turn out of it or twist put of it and pull my leg out or I will just punch him in the face or something.' Then they get their knee hurt. I'm aware of what I have to do and how dangerous those situations can be. That is something that will give me an advantage. He will feel it right away when he tries to grapple with me or go for my legs. They just won't be there, I will block and avoid, break him down and really frustrate him. I am going to surprise some people."

"Toquinho" has five submission victories during his time with the UFC, including three by heel hook, which just so happen to be his specialty.

You can bet that once the Octagon door closes behind them, Palhares will be looking to snatch one of Belcher's legs like a starving rabid dog looking for a bone.

What say you, can Belcher stop the relentless submission attempts of Rousimar? Or will the stocky Brazilian black belt be successful in doing what he does best, and make his foes tap?

Opinions, please.

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