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Joe Rogan supports 'Rally for Mark Hunt' title shot against Junior dos Santos at UFC 146

Joe Rogan (left) is a big fan of Mark Hunt (right). Photo by Esther Lin via
Joe Rogan (left) is a big fan of Mark Hunt (right). Photo by Esther Lin via

In case you've been living under a rock, Alistair Overeem failed a surprise drug test at a press conference to promote his UFC 146 main event heavyweight championship bout against reigning titleholder Junior dos Santos on May 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This has led to the mixed martial arts (MMA) community getting as whacky as "The Reem's" testosterone levels.

That includes a campaign by fans to get the powers that be at UFC to insert the one and only Mark Hunt into the vacant slot opposite "Cigano" over the Memorial Day weekend. Supporters of this movement have got a Rally for Mark Hunt hashtag on Twitter and they've taken over popular MMA forum, The Underground.

Now, a high profile name is lending his support, as well.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan dropped a recent post on The UG explaining why he's on board with it:

"There are some wise people on this board, and I support this movement. Style wise that might be the most exciting match up. Either way, even if Hunt doesn't replace the reem I would still love to see this matchup down the road, especially considering how good Hunt looked against Kongo."

Again, it needs to be noted that Overeem may not actually be out of the running for the fight. According to Jeremy Botter, he has now filed for a license in the state of Nevada and his hearing in front of the commission is set for April 24.

To that end, UFC President Dana White has already stated a decision on the main event will not come until after said hearing.

Still, the calls for Hunt to be given a title shot have grown from a whisper to a cry to a full blown rally. In the event Overeem fails to get licensed, would that be enough to convince the folks in power to give Hunt his chance at glory? He's on a three-fight winning streak, after all, and heavyweight isn't exactly a loaded division.

Why the hell not?

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