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Brazilian featherweight Hacran Dias signs 3-fight deal with UFC

Photo of Hacran Dias (top) via
Photo of Hacran Dias (top) via

Depth, meet featherweight division.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has officially signed 27-year-old 145-pound animal Hacran Dias to a three-fight contract. The Nova Uniao fighter talked to Sensei SporTV about finally getting to put pen to paper:

"Today is the happiest day of my life. Dede (Pederneiras) has been working on this for a long time, trying to get me in there, and today he came up with the contract, super-happy. When he handed it to me, I couldn't believe it. Everyone cheered for me. I'm very happy with everything that's happening to me."

Dias had attempted to enter The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): Brazil but was obviously unsuccessful. Instead, he was given a contract outright, though his debut inside the Octagon is currently unknown.

His signing was necessary to add depth to a division sorely lacking legitimate contenders to Jose Aldo's throne. Then again, Dias is a training partner of the featherweight champion, which could cause a few headaches sometime down the road.

That's to worry about later, though. For now, the world's largest fight promotion has added a solid 145-pounder with a 20-1-1 career record who is currently riding an eight-fight win streak.

Not bad, folks. Not bad at all.

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