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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil live results and coverage for episode 3


Get your coffee, snuggie, and sick day excuse ready; it's time for another round of late-night entertainment.

That's right, tonight (April 9, 2012) at midnight ET, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): Brazil returns, and will have live coverage of the third episode, which will be available on

When we last left our intrepid band of pugilist, Team Vitor Belfort had pulled out to an early lead. Taking advantage of Wanderlei Silva's decision to take the first fighter (Rony "Jason" Mariano Bezerra) instead of the first pick, Vitor matched Godofredo Pepey with Silva's last featherweight pick, Wagner Campos. After a fairly uninspiring affair that demonstrated serious holes in both men's games, Pepey came away with a unanimous decision, securing continued match-up control for Vitor.

Tonight, the first middleweight scrap goes down, as do several of the cast members' undergarments.

Complete results and live coverage, starting at 12 a.m. ET, is after the jump.


As Unambig said, they've released the episode a bit early. Be nice if they had some consistency about it.

Anyway, the Portuguese version of the theme song is way more awesome than the English version. Just sayin'.

Pepey says his win helped Team Vitor's morale, which Wolverine agrees with. Wanderlei says he'd expected to be picking matchups by then, but has told his team that they need to be ready to fight anyone.

Daniel Sarafian thinks either he or Cezar Mutante will be picked to fight next. Mutante is more than ready. Renee Forte on Team Wanderlei thinks Vitor will pick either Maccarrao or Massaranduba, the latter of whom says he wants to beat someone up.

Fight selection soon.

Team Vitor training session. Vitor details his master plan for every fight: find out the best way to win. That's literally the extent his plan.


Sarafian, who will be fighting next, suggests he fight either Maccarrao or Renee Forte, expressing concern about Pe de Chumbo's grappling ability. No mention of Massaranduba, and for good reason.

Wanderlei thinks Vitor is going to match his top pick, Cezar Mutante, to fight Wanderlei's last pick, Maccarrao.

Vitor compliments Galeto on his fight and thanks everyone involved for making a good show. He reminds the cameras of the importance of principles, while Wanderlei calls him a bore. No arguments here.

Tonight's fight: Renee Forte vs. Daniel Sarafian.

Sarafian gets first interview, and mentions how he was raised by a single mother in his grandparents' house along with a vast array of cousins. He also mentions how he got into martial arts on account of being bullied for his weight when he was young. Like Pepey before, he says he's fighting for himself, because he loves fighting. He claims nobody will be able to stop him if he's healthy and fit.

We get some footage of Sarafian cutting weight, and while he doesn't look happy, he gets down to 84.45kilos (just under 186 pounds.

Forte's turn; he mentions losing his mother at the age of 18, at which point he went to live with his father and brother. He says he has a difficult relationship with his father because of the latter's tendency to drink.

Despite the somber interview, Wanderlei describes him as a funny guy.

Wanderlei and a teary Renee hug it out in the cage during training, Wanderlei telling him he made it and patting his head.

Dammit, guys. Stop messing with my warm and fuzzies.

House meeting; Pe de Chumbo advises his housemates to mess around less, to "do it properly". He goes on to suggest that they split up the house by team, a plan Wolverine feels uneasy about because of the possibility for creating rivalry. Forte approves for the exact same reason.

Commercial break.


With lyrics filthy enough to blur out of the subtitles. Nice.

Forte checks his weight and finds he's still six pounds over, but expresses confidence he'll be able to make the weight.

Team Wanderlei training session.

Forte's teammates seem very confident in his chances. Rony Jason warns people not to underestimate Forte based on his unassuming appearance.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT. Pe de Chumbo pokes fun at it and brings a smile to everyone's faces.

Vitor time.

Serginho hypes up Sarafian's punching power. Wolverine describes him as a "war tank."

Back to Wanderlei, who hands out some protein bars to his squad before stealing the rest. What a jerk.

Wanderlei says Sarafian is struggling to make weight, being larger than Forte. Despite his claim, both men weigh in at the middleweight limit.

Both men say the fight will be one of the best on the program. Here's hoping.

Rodrigo Damm of Team Vitor isn't fond of his squad's rude jokes. Gasparzinho, the culprit, calls him grumpy. An argument breaks out between the two on the bus after a dirty ditty by Gasparzinho, who seems rather smug. I don't like smug.

Anyway, commercial break.

Maccarrao, whose eye is still huge, seems fond of Gasparzinho's antics, which include going into a Team Wanderlei room and farting.

He ropes Wolverine into streaking with him through the house. Fun times.

The guys seem very fond of Gasparzinho, save Damm, who tells him he should have limits. Gaspar accuses him of having a short fuse, to which Damm replies that if he did, Gaspar would be dead by now.

Sarafian gets a pep talk from Wolverine, and is shown watching the night in a very foreboding way.

Day of the fight. Both men are very confident, although Sarafian welcomes a prayer in his honor from Damm.

Team Wanderlei instead sings a little song about their team being awesome.

Your celebrity appearance of the week is none other than the baddest Brazilian in the game, Junior Dos Santos.

As usual, he's got a smile glued to his face; he compliments the choice of coaches and seemingly gets everyone around enjoying themselves.

Dramatic closeups and final interviews with the fighters in the locker rooms. Again, a solemn moment for Team Vitor and a musical interlude from Team Wanderlei. Standard "I'm going to destroy you" talk from Sarafian, while Forte just says he'll deal with him in the Octagon.

Alright, let's get to it.

185 lbs.: Daniel Sarafian vs. Renee Forte

Round One: That Brazilian ring girl is fine. In more important business, Forte in black, Sarafian in white. Sarafian's upper body in motion early as he paws with lefts. Nice outside leg kick from Sarafian, who eats a hook and a right straight before being bullied into the fence. Forte roughs him up with a couple rights to the face before Sarafian shoots for a takedown of his own, getting it after brief resistance. Sarafian on top in half guard, but not very active. Sarafian now trying to pass, but Forte spins out and gets back to his feet. Forte has Sarafian against the fence, but they disengage before he can get anything done. Left to the body followed by a superman jab from Sarafian. Big leg kick connects from Sarafian, but on the ensuing flying knee, Forte gets him against the cage again. Great takedown reversal from Sarafian, who entertains an arm-in guillotine before deciding to continue striking. Hard punches and leg kicks from Sarafian, who takes Forte down in the waning seconds of a dominant round. 10-9 Sarafian.

Forte looks much less excited for the next round than Sarafian, although he never really looks excited.

Round Two: Significant bounce in the step of Sarafian, but he eats a glancing left uppercut. Crushing leg kick by Sarafian. Sarafian pushes forward with strikes and winds up on top in half guard after a poor takedown attempt from Forte. Nice job by Forte of getting up, but he's getting dominated. Nice trip by Saraian has him back in half guard. Forte tries to stand but gives up his back in the process and Sarafian gets the rear-naked choke right away. 2-0 Team Vitor.

Great work by Sarafian; nice grappling and those leg kicks looks absolutely vicious. He's one to watch.

Junior says Sarafian would have won Sub of the Night had this been a UFC bout. Considering how slick he was taking Forte's back, I'm inclined to agree.

Wanderlei is not happy because Forte didn't fight up to his potential. Wanderlei lets him know that he's not happy with his effort.

Sarafian is very humble in victory, which no doubt pleases Vitor.

Most of Team Wanderlei shares their leader's sentiments; Cordeiro says he only fought up to 10% of his potential. Wanderlei says how he'd kill himself for a few hundred bucks early on in his career and doesn't understand how these guys can have so much to gain and still not fight to the best of their abilities.

Junior gives Team Wanderlei some pointers, reminding them of the need to stay mobile in the Octagon. Pe de Chumbo asks him how the effort against Dengue fever is going, as he fought in an event dedicated to that goal a year earler. Junior says it's going well.

More criticism from Renee's teammates. Macarrao's eye isn't grotesque in his interviews, so I assume this footage is taken from a later time.

Drama in the next episode as Team Wanderlei splinters, Gasparzinho continues his campaign against Damm, and Vitor looks to keep control of the matchups.

See you next time, Maniacs.

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