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Super Fight League 2 results recap: Duffee knocks out Grove, Minowaman loses to Shlemenko

Photo of Todd Duffee via
Photo of Todd Duffee via

Super Fight League (SFL) came waltzing back into our lives, awesomely bad theme song and all, with its second event this morning (April 7, 2012) from the T-Box Mobile Arena in Chandigarh, India, live and free on YouTube.

And free mixed martial arts (MMA) is the best MMA.

Well, not really. Nonetheless, fans were treated to some relatively fun action inside the cage, even if the commentary was laughably bad outside of it. It's also still a spectacle -- can you imagine Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer stopping to tell fans "It's real, it's raw, and the blood is here for all to see" in the middle of an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) broadcast? But when they tell you to "come for the concert and stay for the fights," what do you expect?

The main event of the morning (evening?) saw former big time UFC prospect Todd Duffee pick up his first win in nearly three years when he put fist to face and had Neil Grove seeing stars. They weren't stars, it turned out, just the arena lights after Duffee dropped him with a leaping overhand right that caught "Goliath" right on the chin.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Duffee, who was awarded "Knockout of the Night" honors for his impressive win, gave all the credit to his new camp mates at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA). Now, his name is already being bandied about as a potential opponent for Fedor Emelianenko on June 21 in Russia.

Screw it. Why not?

Everyone's favorite Super Hulk tournament champion, Ikuhisa Minowa, was also in action, albeit briefly. He was competing less than one month after his last fight, a submission win over Shigeki Tsuchiya in Japan back on March 11.

His opponent was Russian asskicker Alexander Shlemenko, who hasn't lost a fight since Hector Lombard took him the distance way back at Bellator 34 in Oct. 2010. He's reeled off eight wins in a row since then, in fact, and the only reason he's taking fights outside of Bellator is because Lombard is stuck in a contract dispute.

So to stay fresh and ready, Shlemenko is traveling the world, standing them up and knocking them down.

He did the same here, besting "Minowaman" via technical knockout in the opening round. How they got there, however, was quite the goofy sequence.

Shlemenko came out with his usual blitz of offense, throwing spinning backfists and kicks that clearly made Minowa uncomfortable. After landing one successfully, the Russian simply stalked his opponent around the cage. It was only a matter of time before he landed the fateful strike.

But when he did, a big knee straight to the chin, Minowa fell back into the cage in a daze but generally looked okay. He even fired off a submission attempt after Shlemenko followed him down. But after that proved unsuccessful and Shlemenko stepped away so he could get back up, Minowa simply sat there clutching his midsection.

Ultimately, the referee called a stop to the contest. It was a goofy ending but a strong performance from Shlemenko, who badly wants to get that rematch with Lombard in Bellator. How do I know? Here's his post-fight interview, in full:

"Hey India. Hector, I kill you."

Simple and to the point. Gotta love that.

In other action on the card, Paul Kelly returned for the first time since leaving the UFC and found himself on the business end of a unanimous decision loss to Ryan Healy. The Englishman still has plenty of work to do with his wrestling game but at just 27-years-old, there's plenty of time left to grow.

The ladies were also represented, as Colleen Schneider earned a technical knockout win over Cherie Buck. Anup Kumar earned "Submission of the Night" honors for his rear-naked choke victory over Dilanga Rathnaveera while "Fight of the Night" went to Pierre Daguzan and Chaitanya Gavali for their back and forth, action-packed featherweight affair.

That's enough from me, though. Feel free to sound off with your thoughts on SFL 2 in the comments section below.

Be sure to also check out our complete SFL 2 blow-by-blow coverage of the entire "Duffee vs. Grove" event right here. You can watch Duffee's knockout over Grove right here.

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