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Super Fight League 2 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Duffee vs Grove' from India

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SFL 2 poster via

Boom, pow. Punch kick, wow.

This morning (April 7, 2012), starting at around 9:15 a.m. ET, the industry's newest addition, Super Fight League (SFL), will broadcast its second event LIVE and FREE on YouTube from the T-Box Mobile Arena in Chandigarh, India.

To watch SFL 2: "Duffee vs. Grove" live online today for free click here.

Headlining the international fight card are pair of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans, Todd Duffee and Neil Grove, two of the beefiest bruisers out there. In addition, a slew of local talent will be on display, as well as well-traveled veterans like Alexander Shlemenko, who will take on the one and only Ikuhisa Minowa.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of SFL 2 below, starting with the YouTube broadcast at around 9:15 a.m. ET below. Be sure to check out our quick results and live play-by-play of all the action after the jump:


Paul Kelly vs. Ryan Healy - Ryan Healy defeats Paul Kelly (30-27)
Chaitanya Gavali vs. Pierre Daguzan - Pierre Daguzan defeats Chaitanya Gavali (29-28)
Bharat Khandare vs. Soro Ismael - Bharat Khandare defeats Soro Ismael by TKO, Round 1
Alexander Shlemenko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa - Alexander Shlemenko defeats Ikuhisa Minowa by TKO, Round 1
Anup Kumar vs. Dilanga Rathnaveera - Anup Kumar defeats Dilanga Rathnaveera by Submission, (Rear Naked Choke, Round 2)
Ricky Ranjeet Singh vs. Salika Senanayake - Ricky Singh defeats Salika Senanayake by TKO, Round 1
Colleen Schneider vs. Cherie Buck - Colleen Schneider defeats Cherie Buck by TKO, Round 2
Todd Duffee vs. Neil Grove - Todd Duffee defeats Neil Grove by KO, Round 1

Todd Duffee vs. Neil Grove

Round one: After some hi-jinks at the live venue, we're ready for the main event. Duffee looks just as ripped as ever and he's ready to go as he bounds down the stage ramp and into the cage. Grove is 41 years old and looks to be in great shape for a man of his age. I can't imagine we're going to have a long fight here but which way is it going to go? Duffee shoots right away and is easily shrugged off. Duffee lands left jab and follows it with a huge overhand right and Grove is down. Duffee is swinging away and that is the end of that. Todd Duffee is back on the winning track with a huge knockout victory. Not the most technical a combinations or anything, but power is power.

Final result: Todd Duffee defeats Neil Grove by KO, Round 1

Colleen Schneider vs. Cherie Buck

Round one: Time for the ladies. Buck didn't look too happy to be entering the cage during the pre-fight introductions, if that is any indication of how this one is going to go. Schneider smiles at her from across the cage. Neither of them charge forward to engage in a clinch right away. How about that! Couple of kick attempts by Schneider, including a spinning high kick that misses. Schneider charges forward with punches and drops down for a single leg that she gets. Schneider is working from side control, while Buck has a bit of a guillotine attempt here keeping her safe. Schneider is trying to step over the head and free her own neck. Nothing doing and halfway through the round we're in a bit of a stalemate. Schneider finally pops her head free and now she's punching away. Buck gets half guard and she's trying to create space and stand up. Schneider has good control here and just as I type that she stands up and throws a couple of kicks at Buck. The ref stands them up and Schneider lands a good body kick. Buck comes forward with strikes but can't land much. Body kick misses from Buck. Good left hand from Schneider. They are having a tough time finding the range to land punches and the round ends. 10-9 Schneider.

Round two: Schneider comes forward and gets the takedown early on in the second round. She's working from side control again, as Buck has little for her on the ground. Schneider is trying to use her shin to pin down Buck's shoulder so she can strike her and now she's trying to trap Buck in a cruicifix and she gets it. Schneider is beating Buck up now. A series of unanswered strikes and Buck is in trouble. This should be stopped. Buck tries to get free but she just can't escape. Finally the referee jumps in and saves her. Colleen Schneider with a solid stoppage victory.

Final result: Colleen Schneider defeats Cherie Buck by TKO, Round 2

Ricky Ranjeet Singh vs. Salika Senanayake

Round one: Ricky Singh charges forward, eats a body kick and clinches up. No surprise there. He's working for a single leg and now he's got a front head lock on Senanayake. Singh holds on to the choke hold as Senanayake pushes him up against the cage. Good knee to the leg by Singh. Senanayake returns the favor. Singh seems content to hold onto this front choke and now the ref breaks them up and they return to the middle of the ring. We go right back to the clinch and again Singh uses the front choke to hold Senanayake off him. Overhook throw attempt by Senanayake almost works but Singh escapes and now he's got wrestler side control on Senanayake and is just teeing off. Singh throwing heavy leather and now he works around the front, gets the front choke again and he's just bulldogging Senanayake. Singh throws him to the mat and is pounding away with hammerfists. It's over. Ricky Singh looks very impressive in victory.

Final result: Ricky Singh defeats Salika Senanayake by TKO, Round 1

Anup Kumar vs. Dilanga Rathnaveera

Round one: Kumar gets the takedown right away and he's got a mounted guillotine. These Indian fighters waste no time in going for the clinch and takedowns. I like it. Rathnaveera escapes the choke and is holding on for dear life. Kumar has the grapevines in and he's working for a keylock submission. It's looking pretty nasty but now Rathnaveera has escaped. Big punches from the top from Kumar, who is just dominating the fight so far. Back to the grapevines and now Rathnaveera reverses the position and winds up on top! He's working from half guard and now he has side control. Kumar snakes his way free and he's back on top himself. Rathnaveera has a headlock and is preventing Kumar from getting side control with it. They get to their feet and Kumar has the back and drags Rathnaveera to the mat and winds up in full mount again. Rathnaveera is trying to strike from the bottom, now he switches to trying to buck Kumar off. Kumar has good control but isn't landing many strikes. Great job maintaining position. Now Kumar drops some hammerfists down as the round ends. Great grappling action but not much in the way of MMA. 10-9 Kumar.

Round two: A good body kick from Kumar to open the round and he's got the takedown again. Rathnaveera is using the headlock to prevent Kumar from advancing position but now he's up against the cage and Kumar has his back. Kumar has the rear naked choke locked up. Rathnaveera taps and it's over. Not the greatest MMA fight we're ever going to see but for a grappling battle? Not bad at all.

Final result: Anup Kumar defeats. Dilanga Rathnaveera by Rear Nake Choke, Round 2

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Round one: I'm missing the camera shots of the beautiful Bollywood actresses. Shlemenko is walking Minowaman down to start the contest. Minowa lands an inside leg kick for the first strike. A minute gone by and Shlemenko throws a spinning backfist that catches Minowa. A wild shot from way too far out is easily stuffed by Shlemenko and he beckons Minowa to his feet. Another spinning back fist from Shlemenko and now a big knee drops Minowaman. Shlemenko patiently looking for the finish. Minowa rolls for a heel hook! Shlemenko pulls out of it and Minowa is hurt. It looks like he could have been hit in the groin or something. Shlemenko is a gentleman and is waiting for Minowa to get back up. The ref is waving at him to continue fighting and now he's waved off the fight. It's over. Okay that was very strange. Shlemenko with a very businesslike performance.

Final result: Alexander Shlemenko defeats Ikuhisa Minowa by TKO, Round 1

Bharat Khandare vs. Soro Ismael

Round one: A featherweight battle is our third fight of the night. Good staredown and we're ready to go. Khandare comes out and shoots right away. He gets Ismael down and defends a guillotine. Nothing doing, Ismael gets up only to be dumped on his head. Wow! Now Khandare is working for a kimura but Ismael defends pretty well and he's back to his feet. They clinch up against the cage and Khandare gets a head and arm throw and moves right into mount! Khandare is throwing big punches, Ismael isn't really defending's over! Bharat Khandare wins by TKO. Ismael is not very happy with the stoppage but he was not doing anything to escape.

Final result: Bharat Khandare defeats Soro Ismael by TKO, Round 1.

Chaitanya Gavali vs. Pierre Daguzan

Round one: Right away Gavali looks for the clinch and Daguzan gets him down. Dean stops the fight and warns Daguzan about grabbing the cage. The clinch up again and Daguzan has Gavali up against the fence. Good take down defense from Daguzan as Gavali shoots in twice to no avail. They break from the clinch briefly and now Daguzan gets the takedown and moves right into full mount. Daguzan postures up and is landing big ground and pound. Daguzan stands up and lets Gavali get back to his feet! Gavali chases him down and now he's got the takedown. Wild action. Gavali working from half guard, lands a handful of good punches. Now he moves to mount and loses it just as quickly as he got it. He's in full guard with Daguzan on top. Less than two minutes to go, now Gavali works for an armbar but can't get it. Gavali butt scoots to the cage and now he's on his knees. Gets the takedown and is working big ground and pound. Gavali looking to get the finish here, Daguzan is eating big shots from the bottom. Nice elbow from Gavali. The round ends with some hammer fists from Gavali. Great action. 10-9 Gavali.

Round two: Right away they clinch again and Gavali has his man pushed up against the cage. Good control in the clinch by Gavali but he's unable to get takedown. Now he falls to the ground after trying to take Daguzan's back and lands in full guard. Gavali has a partial triangle here but he loses it. Trying to switch to an armbar but Daguzan escapes and now he's in side control. Daguzan moves into half guard on his own accord. Both men seem to be tiring after a dynamite first round. Another triangle attempt by Gavali but he can't lock it in. Side control again but not much in the way of striking. Now Daguzan takes the back and he rolls Gavali over, trying to soften him up for the choke. Gavalie gives up his back and Herb Dean is taking a close look. Big shots from Daguzan, Gavali just looking to survive. Fifteen seconds left and the round ends with Daguzan looking for a rear naked choke. Both men are exhausted and take a few seconds to get up from the canvas and trudge back to their corners. 10-9 Daguzan.

Round three: They clinch up to start the third round, this time it's Daguzan pushing Gavali up against the cage. Single leg takedown by Daguzan and he goes to work. Gavali pushes him off but can't get back to his feet. Full guard by Gavali but it's wide open. Daguzan could pass easily here if he wanted but he's content to throw short punches to the body and head. Gavali throws his legs up in a submission attempt but he has no energy to do anything with it. Daguzan has a nice cross face going and he's occasionally throwing punches. Now he postures up and avoids another triangle attempt from Gavali. Side control. Gavali uses an underhook to create some space and he recaptures full guard. Gavali is getting worn out and now he's on his side and taking punches with 30 seconds to go. Daguzan is going to win this fight on the strength of his second and third rounds. Both men hug in a show of good show of sportsmanship. I'm gonna say 10-9 Daguzan for a 29-28 victory.

Final result: Pierre Daguzan defeats Chaitanya Gavali by unanimous decision.

Paul Kelly vs. Ryan Healy

Round one: Herb Dean is the third man in the cage for this one. Kelly comes out throwing combinations and they clinch up. Healy has Kelly against the cage and lands a couple uppercuts before they separate. Healy shoots and is easily stuffed. They trade single collar ties and dirty box for a bit. Healy is the much bigger man and is bullying Kelly in the clinch. Kelly is bleeding from a cut over his left eye. Healy is landing at will as we hit the halfway point of the round. They clinch up again and Kelly lands some good short elbows. Kelly has his hands low as they trade punches and clinch again. Good short elbows by both men. Healy keeps securing the clinch and getting off first, but when Kelly counters he seems to be landing good shots. Good round so far, a minute to go. Healy pushes Kelly up against the cage and gets a takedown. Kelly is working for a guillotine but Healy pops his head out and works his ground and pound. Healy drops for a crucifix and lands some good shots as the round ends. I'll say 10-9 Healy.

Round two: Kelly with a nice uppercut, they clinch up again. Healy looks to push Kelly to the fence. Big knee by Kelly but Healy drops down for a takedown and has it. Same way they ended the first round. Kelly cage walks back to his feet, Healy takes him down again, Kelly uses a guillotine attempt to sweep Healy over but can't hold position and Healy is back on top. Some good ground and pound from Healy and then Kelly turns the tables on him, working for his own takedown against the cage. They jockey for position and Healy overpowers him to the mat. Healy in half guard, dropping some short elbows and now he's working the body. Kelly looks to be a little tired. Healy staying heavy on top, now he works for back control. 90 seconds left in this round. Healy tries for the crucifix again. Can't quite make it happen and he's content to throw punches to Kelly's body. Kelly gets back up and now drops down for a guillotine choke and it's tight. 30 seconds left in the round, Healy is hand fighting to avoid the submission and he pops his head free. Full closed guard. Healy postures free and throws some big punches as the round ends. A close round but I'll give it to Healy, 10-9.

Round three:
They take the center of the cage and trade big punches. Kelly has a nice lead uppercut going, Healy is throwing hooks. After thirty seconds Healy gets Kelly up against the cage again, leans on him and gets the takedown. Kelly is in the turtle position, but defends well and now he's reversed Healy. Not much damage being done by either man as they jockey for position and Kelly has Healy on his back in full guard. Kelly working the ground and pound and now he grabs ahold of Healy's neck for another guillotine. This time he has one butterfly hook in but can't finish. Healy on top, throwing good punches to the body. A nice pass into side control by Healy but Kelly bucks him off and almost takes the back in a scramble. Can't secure position and now with a minute left in the round Healy moves to full mount and takes the back. Frantic grappling action now as Kelly escapes the position and ends up attempting a funky, no-arm-in triangle. Nothing doing though and the fight ends with Healy on top. Very little damage in that round but some good grappling exchanges. Healy 10-9 on my card, for a 30-27 victory.

Final result: Ryan Healy defeats Paul Kelly by unanimous decision.

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