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Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia set to make 'big announcement' on April 14

Could it be?

With the possibility that Alistair Overeem is no longer eligible to compete for Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) heavyweight title on May 26 in Las Vegas, any "big announcement" coming from a 265-pound fighter is worth paying attention to.

Even if it's from Tim Sylvia.

"The Maine-iac," who in recent weeks has resorted to begging his old boss for another crack at fame and fortune under the ZUFFA banner, will be a special guest at the upcoming Fight Night 2 event on April 14 in Biddeford, Maine. That's where he's expected to drop some major news regarding his fighting future.

Could Sylvia find himself plugging one of the massive holes created by Overeem's (expected) absence?

Stranger things have happened, but it's unlikely the New England mauler will participate in the upcoming UFC 146 "Heavyweight" fight card. Instead, look for his possible inclusion on a regional show scheduled for later this year.

From Tim-eh:

"I'm excited to be coming home to Maine in the next week or so... and I have a big announcement my fans won't want to miss!"

After an embarrassing knockout loss to geriatric pugilist Ray Mercer in 2009, Sylvia rebounded to win six of his next seven fights with five finishes. He most recently outpointed Andreas Kraniotakes at ProElite 2 last November, prompting him to declare he could defeat 80-percent of the current crop of UFC heavyweights.

UFC President Dana White insists that Sylvia is not only past his prime, but wasn't very good to begin with, having been champion when the promotion's 265-pound division was at its weakest. Still, that hasn't stopped "The Maine-iac" from getting into fighting shape, even going into BEAST MODE.

And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Alright Maniacs, you've heard the news. What should we expect from Tim Sylvia come April 14?

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