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Best UFC knockouts of 2012: A top 5 list so far (Video)

The year isn't even half over and already we have a top five list of best knockouts in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for 2012 because, well, this is mixed martial arts (MMA), and people have a habit of getting knocked the eff out.

This most recent "best of" comes courtesy of UFC Tonight, the weekly MMA show on FUEL TV that likes to talk about the week that was in Octagon action.

Its choice for top five knockouts of 2012 so far:

5. Nick Denis sleeps Joseph Sandoval via standing elbows at UFC on FX
4. Tim Boetsch finishes Yushin Okami via tiger uppercut at UFC 144
3. Stephen Thompson wonderboys Dan Stittgen via head kick at UFC 143
2. Jose Aldo plants Chad Mendes via knee at UFC 142
1. Edson Barboza stiffens Terry Etim via spinning wheel kick at UFC 142

What do you think of the choices, Maniacs? Any obvious picks (cough, Brian Rogers) missing from this list simply because they don't fight for the UFC? Take our poll after the jump and vote for your top knockout (in any promotion) for 2012.


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