Help Rally For Mark Hunt!



Had to use my old account for this, I'm normally Zachary Kater on BE. I know MMAMania and Bloody Elbow's communities have been fighting a Cold War since before the Internet existed, but we need your help now guys. You may not have any love for us, but surely you have some compassion for the man that is Mark Hunt. After the news of Overeem's failed drug test, the idea was thought up to start a Twitter hashtag to get Dana to give Mark Hunt the title shot and guarantee us a helluva main event for UFC 146.

And it's actually picked up a bit of steam...

Even Mark Hunt himself has made a Twitter account since this started, confirmed by his FB page where he also posted this gem about Zuffa:



Anyways, all I ask is that you guys help spread the #RallyForMarkHunt hashtag and send as many tweets as possible to @danawhite if you have Twitter accounts, and if you don't have them, get off your mopeds and make one, because this shit is important! I wholeheartedly thank anyone who helps, and they can even call me a faggot all they'd like.



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