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Strikeforce quick quote: Everyone has a breaking point ... even Tim Kennedy

Does this look like a man who breaks easily?
Does this look like a man who breaks easily?

"He’s a tough guy, so tenacious, and just doesn’t want to give up. He’s going to keep coming for the takedown. He’s not going to quit but I’ve got to break him. My wrestling defense is one of my best attributes, so I feel very comfortable in that. I’m just going to try to break him on the takedown the whole time, and I’m going to try to play my range on the feet. If we get to the ground, I’m confident in my jiu-jitsu. I just don’t want to be on bottom. He's a beast on top, so I ain't going to have that. He’s so tough mentally, we've seen it in all his fights. I think everybody has a breaking point, and I just have to find it. That’s the key. Even if it's just to make him change his game plan."

Despite dressing like a woman and getting shot at in Iraq (not at the same time), Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold (via MMA Fighting) still believes he can mentally break Tim Kennedy when they eventually hook 'em up later this year on Showtime to battle for Rocky's 185-pound belt. The champ has been sidelined with a broken hand since smashing Keith Jardine to kick off his 2012 fight campaign and even has his sights set on UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva. Too big for his britches? Or focused and confident? Time will tell.

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