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Video: Tim Kennedy 'Black Swan' parody on Masterpiece Theater

So, uh, Tim Kennedy seems to have a thing for dressing up like a woman.

Not long after the Strikeforce Middleweight contender re-enacted Katy Perry's hit song/video "Part of Me," the U.S. Army Special Forces Operative donned a pink tutu and hopped around like Natalie Portman in the recent critically-acclaimed hit movie "Black Swan."

It's about as creepy as it sounds.

What's even worse, of all the clips to replicate, he picks the dancing and prancing instead of the hot bedroom scene with Mila Kunis. Talk about an opportunity lost. I blame the team at Ranger Up, who need to rethink their viral marketing efforts.

In any event, Kennedy is expected to face off against reigning 185-pound champion Luke Rockhold -- just as soon as Rocky gets his busted hand all patched up -- at a the upcoming Showtime-televised event in July.

And hopefully he'll choose to do it sans tutu.

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