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Brock Lesnar WWE return: Too soon, not soon enough or utter UFC sham? (Poll)

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They said it "simply wasn't happening."

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion Brock Lesnar, who enjoyed a brief layover as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight kingpin, returned to professional wrestling on April 2, 2012 during an episode of Monday Night RAW.

He's back, it appears, for good.

That doesn't sit well with some fans of mixed martial arts (MMA), who feel duped by the former NCAA wrestling phenom, in light of his UFC 141 retirement speech that indicated his battle with diverticulitis was the driving force behind his inevitable retirement.

Or was it?

Lesnar was able to reinvent himself as a cage fighter and rebuild some of the mystique he lost in a failed bid to join the Minnesota Vikings. But when the going got tough, the tough got going -- right back into the WWE. Consecutive technical knockout (TKO) losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem saw to that.

The latter was even labeled a "dive" by his own WWE stablemate Chris Jericho.

There's no question Lesnar was able to negotiate a kinder, gentler schedule for his second run under Vince McMahon's empire, as well as a training schedule that pales in comparison to the rigors inflicted upon combat sports athletes.

So the question is, did Lesnar take the easy way out? Or simply make the most of a financial opportunity that allows him to work on his terms while providing for his family?

Take our poll after the jump and let your voice be heard.

For more on Brock Lesnar's UFC retirement click here. To see video of his WWE return click here.

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