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Brock Lesnar vs John Cena Extreme Rules Live Results WWE Match Coverage

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Oh yes, it's happening again.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is back in the pro wrestling game with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and his first match in eight years takes place tonight (Sun., April 29, 2012) at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view event against John Cena.

The show starts at 8 p.m. ET but don't worry, Maniacs, we're not covering the entire thing. Instead, we'll focus solely on Lesnar vs. Cena, which, considering it's the headliner, likely won't go on until around 10 p.m. ET at the earliest.

Whenever it does, will provide live coverage of the match after the jump. If you're not a fan, that's okay, just skip on to the next post. Lord knows there's plenty of mixed martial arts (MMA) content for you to digest around this one WWE post.

Complete coverage of Lesnar vs. Cena after the jump.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Video promo hyping Brock Lesnar's history as a high school and college wrestler, his time as WWE champ and his UFC run at the top.

Lesnar is first out and his outfit looks almost exactly like it did while he was in the UFC.

This extreme rules match is under way.

Cena charges Lesnar and gets taken down. They stand and Cena gets hit with a hard clothesline. Cena already has a cut and is bleeding. This almost looks like an actual UFC match. The ref steps in to stop Lesnar from pounding on Cena to take a look at the cut on Cena's head.

The match continues and Cena charges again. Lesnar again lands a takedown and starts hammering Cena with punches and knees. Lesnar kicks Cena to the outside and the ref checks on him again.

Back in the ring and Cena attempts to get control but Brock hits a german suplex. Cena reverses and hits Lesnar into the ref, who falls down to the outside. Brock now in control with Cena fighting to get to his feet.

Lesnar has Cena in the corner and is attempting a kimura. Cena fights out and falls to the outside of the ring.

Brock throws Cena back in and takes Cena's chain and wraps it around Cena's legs. As Cena stands up, Lesnar knocks him back down with a clothesline. Lesnar puts Cena on the top rope and now he is hanging by just his legs on the corner post. Lesnar is wailing away with punches to his head and now begins working on the shoulder.

Everytime Cena gets out of one situation and fights back, he gets knocked back down. Lesnar is bigger and stronger and is man handling John. Lesnar picks the ref up and throws him into the ring. Lesnar lands an F-5 but knocks the ref down again.

A new ref comes down but Cena is able to kick out of the pin before the ref gets the 3 count. Lesnar kicks the new ref out of the ring.

Brock grabs the steel steps and throws them into the ring. Cena fights back but ends up in a kimura and its in tight.

Cena picks Lesnar up and slams him on the steel steps! Cena now goes up on the top rope and almost hits a leg drop on the steps!

Cena climbs to the apron and Lesnar runs and jumps and ends up flying over the top rope!!

He stands up and laughs it off. Cena grabs his chain and wraps it around his hand and hits Lesnar with it. Cena picks up Brock to attempt the Attitude Adjustment and hits it on the steel steps!

1....2......3! It's over!

Match result: John Cena defeats Brock Lesnar.

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