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Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson results and live fight coverage TONIGHT (April 28) from Atlantic City

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Let's take it from the top.

After liberating the WBC and The Ring light heavyweight belts from Jean Pascal and becoming the oldest champion in boxing history, living legend Bernard Hopkins took on once-beaten Chad Dawson in his first title defense. Things quickly took a turn for the UFC, however, as Dawson essentially flung Hopkins to the ground with his shoulder, in turn injuring Hopkins' shoulder and forcing an early end to the proceedings. While the referee inexplicably called it a TKO victory for Dawson, the result was eventually changed to a No Contest. will have LIVE coverage of the pair's second go-round tonight, starting with the HBO broadcast at 10:15 p.m. ET. In addition, heavyweight prospect Seth "Mayhem" Mitchell will lock horns with veteran Chazz Witherspoon in the opening attraction.

Live results and play-by-play after the jump.

Light Heavyweight Championship: Chad Dawson def. Bernard Hopkins by Majority Decision (117-111, 117-111, 114-114)

Heavyweight: Seth Mitchell def. Chazz Witherspoon by TKO at 2:31 of Round Three

WBC and The Ring Light Heavyweight Championship: Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson

Round One: Them's some tacky shorts on both guys.

Southpaw jab snapping out for Dawson. There are only four pounds separating them tonight, but Dawson looks like the significantly bigger man. Nothing yet from Hopkins. Nice left straight from Dawson leads to a clinch. More jabs from Dawson, but Bernard closes the distance and lands a few rights in the clinch. Big right hook from Dawson closes the round. Close, but 10-9 for Dawson.

Round Two: Nice counter right from Dawson. Dawson the pursuer so far. Clinch, Hopkins sneaks a questionable shot in. Right hand lead from Hopkins connects. Dawson swings hard after Hopkins but gets tied up. Nice exchange inside. Short right from Hopkins inside, Another good right from Hopkins, Dawson strangely passive late in the round, and that cost him in my book. 19-19.

Round Three: Quick exchange. Left to the body from Bernard. Hard left from Dawson as he tries to unload on Hopkins against the ropes, but the veteran escapes. Dawson pawing with his right hand. Lead right connects from Hopkins. Left by Hopkins and a clinch. Clinch. Dawson looked inches away from decking Hopkins on the break. Clinch again. Nice left from Bernard and a combo. Clinch. Hopkins came alive late, but didn't do enough early. 29-28 Dawson.

Round Four: Clinch with some chipping shots from both. Again. Hard right from Dawson before he gets tied up. Cut beside the left eye of Dawson; it's ugly, but not leaking and not in a bad position. Hopkins taunting Dawson now, but the latter doesn't take the bait. Nice left from Hopkins and a big right. Short left from Dawson. A good right connects for Dawson inside. Too close for me to call, so 39-38 Dawson.

Round Five: Ref getting tired of Hopkins's use of the third fist. Good blows by Dawson inside. Clinch. Nice right connects for Hopkins before another clinch. Quick hooks to the body from Dawson. Another good right for Hopkins. Clinch. Good body blows by Dawson, Bernard punches his way into the clinch. Quick punches inside from both. Nice left from Dawson. Hopkins may have buckled Dawson there right at the end. 48-48.

Round Six: Somebody's going to have to start taking over soon. Good right from Dawson. Clinch. Quick 2-1 lands for Hopkins. Dawson is getting Hopkins into the corner, but not capitalizing. Body blow for Dawson. Bernard briefly has Dawson cornered, but can't do anything. Not a productive round for either man. 58-57 Dawson.

Round Seven: Right for Hopkins. Dawson responds in kind. Clinch. Nice left by Dawson. Clinch. Both men land good lefts before tying up. Dawson presses Hopkins backwards but gets roped in once again. Clinch. Nice double jab by Dawson. More taunting from B-Hop. Straight left from Dawson connects, ending the round. 68-66 Dawson.

Round Eight: Clinch within the first five seconds. Hard right hand lands for Dawson, but he eats a left coming in. Clinch. Chipping blows inside. Clinch. Nice right from Dawson may have gotten to Hopkins, but the latter forces a tie-up. Again. Nice left uppercut by Dawson. Good shots by Dawson inside. Again. Clinch. Hopkins is going to need something dramatic in these last few rounds. 78-75 Dawson.

Round Nine: New cut on Dawson, possibly from a Hopkins jab. Big left from Dawson doesn't land. Clinch. Nice body blow from Hopkins in response to a Dawson left. Clinch. Right hand inside from Hopkins. Good short shots by Bernard. Nice exchange from both men, Dawson gets slightly the better of it. Clinch. Close round, Bernard did just enough. 87-85 Dawson.

Round Ten: Hard shots inside from Dawson, but Bernard seems alright. Clinch. Nice right by Dawson. Again. Left this time. Bernard landing occasionally, but Dawson's making better connection. Dawson moving laterally when Hopkins comes forward, avoiding the clinch fairly well. Hopkins ties him up anyway. Once more. Clear Dawson round; 97-94, and considering that eight years have passed since Hopkins's last stoppage, he's going to need something amazing.

Round Eleven: Hopkins on the attack early. Clinch. Clinch. Hard body blow connects by Dawson, who is then bonked with a left and tied up. Lead right from Bernard connects. Again. Quick exchanges inside, both men landing solidly.Bernard slips. Heavy lefts from Dawson prompt a double-leg takedown from Hopkins. They're back up. Nice right on the exit by Dawson. Dawson did better late and definitely shook Bernard, but you gotta score takedowns, right? 106-104 Dawson.

Round Twelve: Bernard with a good right right off the bat. Clinch. Right from Bernard lands. Hopkins moves forward, but gets clinched. Clinch again. Good lead right by Hopkins. Clinch. Left from Dawson, right from Hopkins. Flurry by both men inside. Lead right, clinch. Good 2-1 by Bernard. Clinch. Uppercut on the break from Dawson, and they exchange before swinging into a clinch. Bernard's round, 115-114 Dawson. I'm well aware of my personal bias towards Hopkins, however, and was most likely overly generous to him. I'll be surprised if he gets the nod, even though I scored it close.

Final Result: 114-114, 117-111, 117-11, for the winner by majority decision, Chad Dawson


Heavyweight: Seth Mitchell vs. Chazz Witherspoon

Round One: The NABO heavyweight championship is on the line. No, it really doesn't mean anything. Both guys weigh around the same, but Mitchell looks far more defined.

Witherspoon pumping the jab early. Mitchell's looks like it has more behind it. Nice right hand from Witherspoon. Another good right and a left hook. Mitchell connects to the body but eats a counter right. Another good right and another by Witherspoon. Another clubbing right by Witherspoon and Mitchell may be in trouble. They tie up near the end, but Witherspoon connects yet again. Dominant round by the underdog. 10-9 Witherspoon.

Round Two: Damn, those rights looked nasty in the replays. Mitchell digs away to the body from the clinch while Witherspoon whacks away upstairs. Ref breaks them up. Mitchell lands a solid right of his own. Counter left uppercut connects from Mayhem. Mitchell on the attack now and lands a flurry. Right hand from Mitchell and the uppercut again. Left hooks connect from Witherspoon. Stiff jab holding Witherspoon at bay. Nice right by Witherspoon, who thumps away to the body. Heavy body assault by Mitchell in the clinch. Much better round for Mayhem, 19-19.

Round Three: Mitchell lands a HUGE left in the clinch and floors Witherspoon. Chazz is back up, but Mitchell is pressing forward. Heavy shots from Mitchell, but Witherspoon ties him up. Mitchell's stiff jab controlling the range, though Witherspoon is clinching whenever he tries to open up. Another big jab leads to Mitchell unloading on Witherspoon, who takes it and ties up. Hard right hand stumbles Witherspoon and another huge blast forces a count. The count turns into a stoppage; great fight, fantastic comeback by Mitchell.

Final Result: Mitchell def. Witherspoon by 3R TKO


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