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HBO 24/7 'Mayweather vs Cotto' video (Episode 2) and recap

Getty Images is your home for comprehensive coverage for the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto WBA Light Middleweight championship bout, taking place in just under two weeks on May 5, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This past Saturday, episode two of "24/7 Mayweather vs Cotto" feature aired on HBO. You can catch the video (and our recap) of last week's offering here. You can also check out our opening remarks on the fight here.

This week's episode picks up with Mayweather, whose training camp is based in "Sin City," taking an evening spin on the strip, enjoying life. He composes a text message to his opponent, questions the logic behind the Easter Bunny and plays some full court pick up basketball, bookended by a couple stops for fast food.

He eventually retires back to his Las Vegas home where we are introduced to his better half, a beautiful woman who goes by the mysterious moniker "Miss Jackson." Floyd explains the motivations behind his father's appearance at the gym in the first episode:

My Dad want that 24/7 exposure. He ain't crazy. But I'm not going to tell him he can't come to the gym. **** no! That's my father, see. We beef a little bit, but we all right. Right now, uh, it's okay. Next week we'll be arguing, 'cause he'll be trying to take over the gym.

As the scene shifts to Cotto's camp, we are treated to a closer look at the man who is training Cotto for this fight, Pedro Diaz. The trainer speaks about passion and dedication to his craft, and drops a great quote about preparation in life:

If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it right. Life doesn't accept improvisation. Know how to do something, and do it well. Otherwise, don't get involved.

Diaz is the former trainer for the Cuban boxing team and is a highly educated sportsman, having earned a Masters Degree from the University of Cuban sport. As such, he brings a very scientific approach to the training, something that Cotto puts a lot of faith in, despite not necessarily enjoying Diaz's boisterous nature:

He's a pretty loud guy. I don't really like that. But I have to work, with him. It's his way to work, and I have to be with him, for this part. He's like a computer you know? He has this program, and he knows what road you want to take, to get the victory.

Of course, all this means little to Mayweather, who scoffs at the mere mention of Cotto's well-educated trainer before we get treated to a closer look at his relationship with his uncle and long time trainer, Roger:

Well I'm glad that Miguel Cotto's trainer is a doctor, so when I open his ass up, he can close him up. Talking about this kid being trained by a doctor? I am the doctor. I'm the doctor! I'm a tame 'em, and I'm gonna operate come May 5th. Watch me operate. You know me, I'm still going strong, still look good and young, feel strong, still got big muscles, you know how it is, still flamboyant, still shit talking, fly whips, big mansions.

The episode then takes a bit of a reflective turn, as we get to look a little bit deeper at both fighters and their inner circles. Cotto speaks proudly about the life that he has been able to provide for his family before they head back to Puerto Rico to leave him to prepare alone for the final two weeks, while Mayweather's relationship with hip hop mogul Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is highlighted.

Then we get to hear about Cotto's relationship with his best friend and head of Cotto's promotion company, Bryan Perez, who are so close that they share a bed together.

The contrast between the two boxers and the way they live is quite striking and from the footage we've seen up to this point you would be hard pressed not to look at Cotto as the more grounded and respectable figure. Floyd just seems too far caught up in his own success to truly care about those around him. But as the sweet strains of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" flows from the speakers, providing a smooth soundtrack to a one of the best sporting montages I've seen in years, "Money" tells it like it is:

If I'm with you, I'm with you to the end. That's what I truly believe in. If I got that unconditional love for you, I'll die for you.

Part one:

Part two:

What did you think of this episode, Maniacs? Are you buying what Floyd is selling about loyalty? Will the early morning wake-ups and scientific training regime of Pedro Diaz pay off for Cotto?

Have your say in the comments section below!

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