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Bellator Quick Quote: 'Experienced' Eddie Alvarez feels 'blessed' to get a second crack at Shinya Aoki

"Yeah it works out perfect for me. You rarely get to see two of the top lightweights fight each other. Everybody's signed in different promotions, so it's a rare occasion that it happens. I feel like I'm the one with the opportunity here. I'm blessed enough that Aoki and his management gave me a rematch. I didn't think they'd ever do that, and I'm glad that Bjorn Rebney was able to make it happen. I'm the one who's lucky enough to get this opportunity. I'm happy, and I did everything in my power to take advantage of it. I'm looking to win. I'm gonna be patient and take my time. I try not to push finishes too much, because when you do that, you make mistakes, and I have in the past. I try to push a finish, and I get clipped or get dropped. When I look back, I get angry at myself. I'm a much more experienced fighter now than I was three years ago. I think a lot more, and I pick my spots. I think that's gonna be the difference in the outcome of this fight, versus the outcome that we had three years ago."

-- Three years ago, former Bellator Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was submitted by a heel hook when he took on Shinya Aoki in Japan. Now, "The Silent Assassin" will get a chance to settle the score, due to the some wheeling and dealing from his boss, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney. The bout will go down at Bellator 66 in Cleveland, Ohio, tomorrow night (Apr. 20, 2012). Alvarez will not only be seeking redemption for his last loss to Aoki, but he will also be seeking to wash the sour taste out of his mouth from his most recent loss to Michael Chandler at Bellator 58 in Hollywood, Florida, back on Nov. 19, 2011. Many believe that this next fight will be Alvarez's last fight under the Bellator banner, particularly if he emerges victorious. Any of you Maniacs think (or hope) we'll be seeing him in the Octagon soon?

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