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Don Frye: Dana White and his 30 Ferraris ruined the sport of MMA (Updated)

dana white ferrari
dana white ferrari

Update: Dana White responds to Don Frye via his official Twitter account:

my car ruined the sport. Don Frye is one of those fighters who is bitter he didn't make the money these guys make. Guess what Don Frye, I have 2 of them and I earned them both by workin my ass off. Go count ur money not mine! Fuckin crybaby and 1 more thing :) Koscheck has 2 of them also and he earned them. Go get a job Don Frye!! ok, I'm done. Lol

Forty-sumthin' mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Don Frye, who started his career with seven straight bouts under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner (pre-ZUFFA), still loves the sport of cage fighting.

In spite of UFC President Dana White.

"The Predator" told Sherdog's "Savage Dog Show" that MMA was "ruined" by the penny-pinching promoter, who brags about his "30 Ferraris" while making thousand-aires out of undercard competitors:

"The fans are fantastic. Fantastic fans. But the thing is, Dana White’s just ruined the sport. I got to thinking about it today and you know, he ruined it for me... It’s a crime. You see some of these guys only getting two or three or six thousand dollars and you’ve got Dana bragging about having 30 Ferraris. Come on. You have a sponsor and he charges a sponsor what, a hundred and fifty grand to have your stuff on the fighter? That’s money he’s stealing from the fighter. Then he goes and he pays them two or three thousand dollars. That’s crazy."

Frye is piggybacking off recent complaints from the boxing industry (among others) that the UFC is running a monopoly after effectively absorbing any and all competition that poses any kind of threat, including PRIDE, WEC and Strikeforce.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disagrees.

Despite the stranglehold ZUFFA has on stateside MMA, there are still plenty of places for combat sports athletes to compete, such as Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC), DREAM, ONE FC, BAMMA and of course, Bellator.

And the UFC has made its share of millionaires.

Nevertheless, Frye is perturbed about the way some of the spoils are shared amongst the roster, and even goes as far as to call it "stealing" from the fighters.

Anyone out there in MMA land agree?

More on the ZUFFA pay scale here, here and here.

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