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UFCs 'Kid' Yamamoto saves unconscious and bleeding man from railroad tracks in Tokyo

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Pictured: Kid Yamamoto Photo via Taro Irei/
Pictured: Kid Yamamoto Photo via Taro Irei/

When not searching for his first win inside the Octagon, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight Norifumi Yamamoto is saving lives in his native Japan.

According to a report from Yahoo! Japan (via MMA Fighting), "Kid" ran to the rescue of an elderly man who has lying unconscious on a railroad track at Gotanda Station. After being unable to lift the man on his own, other bystanders assisted the 135-pound Yamamoto in carrying the man to safety before the next train pulled up for boarding.

The man, who was also found bleeding from his head upon arrival, is said to now be in stable condition.

Well done "Kid," well done. With his latest heroics, Yamamoto's star in Japan will undoubtedly shine a little brighter.

Yamamoto, once regarded as the top-ranked fighter in his division not too long ago, is currently winless (0-3) during his recent tenure with the UFC. His is most recent loss came at the hands of Vaughan Lee at UFC 144 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, losing via submission (armbar) in the very first round.

On the bright side, "Kid" has yet to be handed his walking papers following his three consecutive defeats and will likely get another chance to prove himself inside the Octagon; however, he doesn't have a fight lined up at the moment.